Jazz & More

with DJ arico

Saturday, November 27, 2004
12:30 to 15:00
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Artist Song Album Label
Electric Masada tekufah electric masada tzadik
Dizzy Gillespie the funky Lowlives remix verve remixed 2 verve
va The Christmas song Jazz for joy verve
va Frosty the snowman Jazz for Joy verve
Joe Pass/ NDR BigBand sister Sadie A little Magic In a Noisy World World Jazz
Miller time Grateful Regret If It's not one Thing... Dreambox
Cornelious Micro Diseycal World Tour Fantasma matador
cornelius Maybe I'm Dead Corneius matador
Dilated Peoples Worst Comes To Worst College Radio EP Capital
DE LA SOUL He Comes The Gride Date Sanctuary Urban
Mos Def The Boogie Man song The New Danger Geffen
Kool Keith Mental Side effects Diesel truckers Threshold
Dalek Trampled Brethren From Tongue of Gods and Groits Ipecac
Dr. Octogon halfsharkalligatorhalfman Dr. Octogonecologyst dreamwork
De la Soul Say no GO Say no Remixes tommy Boy
De La Soul Buddy 3 Feet High And Rising tommy boy
Slick rick Street talkin' The Art of Storytelling Def Jam
Dr. Octogon Blue Flowers Dr. Octogonecologyst Dreamwork
Kool Moe Dee Go see the Doctor The Jive Collection JIVE
talib Kweli Africa dream Train of Thought Rawkus
DJ Krush Deltaforest Kakusei Red ink
Dub Narcotic Sound System Rougher Ship to Shore Remix k
DJ Arico It's a Beautifulday www.djarico.com www.djarico.com
DJ Arico Acid house 140 www.djarico.com www.djarico.com
Dj Arico Alone and away with me Billie Holiday www.djarico.com www.djarico.com
autechre leterel tri repetaett warp