the worried waltz

with yerd oweez

Sunday, March 18, 2012
21:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Label
john cage aria/fontana mix . .
karlheinz stockhausen gesang der junglinge excerpt . .
william s. burroughs creepy letter cut up . .
frank zappa/mothers america drinks absolutely free ryko
john/yoko/zappa scumbag sometime in ny capitol
red krayola listen to this/coconut hotel god bless the red krayola & all who sail with it charly
ronald duncan/david cain january/february/march the seasons drama workshop trunk
kraftwerk news/the voice of energy radio-activity klingklang
eno/snatch r.a.f. kings lead hat 45 editions eg
vivian stanshall yelp,bellow,rasp,etc. . .
henry cow chaumont 1 . .
gong i am a freud new york gong about time decal
david bowie african night flight lodger rca
flying lizards suspended . .
cabaret voltaire do the mussolini . .
public image limited 1981 this is what you want this is what you get elektra
the fall bug day . .
the associates amused as always the affectionate punch fiction
tymon dogg once you know battle of wills y
einsturzende neubauten vanadium-i-ching . .
deutsche amerikanische freundschaft die fesche lola die kleinen und die bosen mute
holger hiller ohi ho bang bang . .
ami marie verrukt nach gluck . .
francis rimbert vocoderman . .
II epoca del hombre theme tune of the radio show la factoria tension spanish experimental underground 1980-1985 munster
the residents being for the benefit of mr. kite . .
renaldo & the loaf olleh olleh rotcod . .
swell maps don't throw ashtrays . .
jowe head wimoweh pincer movement hedonics
brian eno are they thinking of me my squelchy life .
holger czukay saturday night movie . .
laurie anderson the rotowhirl . .
mayo thompson/sven ake johanssons quintett born to win shotgun wedding yellowbird
broadcast a seancing song/tuesday . .
portishead threads third mercury
dan deacon baltihorse bromst carpark
mankind the anti rules ice machine actuelle
gorillaz california/seattle yodel the fall virgin
jonny trunk cardboard boxford . .
belbury poly belbury poly logotone b/cantalus the belbury tales ghost box
gonjasufi feedin birds muzzle warp
wobbly christian music . .