the worried waltz

with yanka dudell

Sunday, February 19, 2012
21:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Label
j. strauss/regina music box weiner blut machines vs. music .
lewis carroll humpty dumpty through the looking glass caedmon
erik satie pages mystiques . .
arnold schoenberg raub pierrot luniare cbs
arnold schoenberg funeral . .
maggie toot psycho . .
john cage imaginary landscape no.2 works for percussion 1 mode
harry partch by the rivers of babylon enclosure two innova
moondog all is loneliness/be a hobo moondog columbia
frank zappa it can't happen here . .
french television themes rocambole/les saintes cheries . .
white noise here come the fleas an electric storm island
lol coxhill donal wheers y trowsers . .
maarten altena octet/dagmar krause goody two shoes new movements in jazz radio nederland
william s. burroughs falling in love again dead city radio island
michael nyman bird list song michael nyman mn
john cage imaginary landscape no.5 works for percussion 1 mode
vladimir ussachevsky line of apogee excerpt film music new world
noah chreshevsky talea . .
eno/moebius/roedelius tzima n'arki after the heat water
zamla mammaz manna buttonless schlagerns mystik silence
the residents adventures of a troubled heart whatever happened to vileness fats ralph
paul de marinis an appeal music as a second language lovely music
der plan was ich von mir denke geri reig ata tak
andreas dorau tiere im regen . .
holger hiller sur la tete as is mute
maria wolk kommunikation goldberg ein dutzend tauschungen rough trade
sft new song shwarma mute
klaus nomi za bakdaz excerpt za bakdaz heliocentric
sparks suburban homeboy lil beethoven lil beethoven
christian marclay/otomo yoshide elephant memories . .
pierre bastien amnesia . .
martin tetreault/otomo yoshide tradition . .
martin tetreault/kid koala no fantaisy island! . .
philip jeck chime chime re-rung . .
janek schafer broadstars childrens piano . .
singing sadie i can't dance songs for swingers! dual plover
the books it's musiiic! . .
people like us music alone stifled love mess media
momus & john henriksson baloney polonius thunderclown american patchwork
molnbar av john aujord hui il fait beau thundersketches tona serenad
jac berrocal/david fenech/ghedalia tazartes huamn bones superdisque sub rosa
daniel padden trust in his deceptive charm . .
niobe good old owl tse tse .
gonjasufi sniffin muzzle warp
the caretaker sebald extra patience after sebald bandcamp