Not Truth, But Effect

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featuring the weekly Warped Moment at 9pm

Tuesday, February 7, 2012
20:00 to 22:00
other shows

PrimusLee Van CleefGreen NaugahydePrawn Song/ATO2011...playing Wednesday @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, NYC
Jeff The BrotherhoodBummerWe are the championsInifinity Cat2011...playing Wednesday @ Death By Audio, NYC
Tune-YardsGangsta (Adrock remix)"Gangsta" (CD single)4AD2011...playing Thursday @ The Allen Room, NYC*
Veronica FallsMiseryVeronica FallsSlumberland2011...playing Thursday @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, NYC
The BabiesAll things come to passThe BabiesShrimper2011...playing Thursday @ 285 Kent Avenue, NYC
NotekillersEyelashNotekillerss/r2010...playing Thursday @ Shea Stadium, NYC
C. S. YehIn the blink of an eye"In the blink of an eye"/"Condo stress" (7" single)De Stijl2010...playing Thursday @ Shea Stadium, NYC
DonovanHurdy gurdy manGreatest hitsEpic1968R
The BatsSimpletonsFree all the monstersFlying Nun2011
The Go-BetweensMan o' sand to girl o' seaMetal and shellsPVC1985 (comp. release)/orig. 1984
Human SwitchboardPrime of my lifeWhos landing in my hangar?Bar/None1979/comp release 2011*
Useless EatersAgoraphobicCheap talk: the singlesTic Tac Totally2011 (comp. release)/orig. 2009
Russian Circles309EmprosSargeant House2011*
MadonnaLive to tell (warped)True blueSire1986...Warped Moment (w/beats & shit courtesy of Antipop Consortium & The Sex Pistols
New OrderDreams never endMovement1981Factory
The NamesNightshiftSwimming (+singles)LTMearly 80s/comp. release 2000
Harmonia & Eno '76Vamos CompanerosTracks and traces reissueGronland2009 reissue w/more tracks/recorded 1976
David BowieBe my wifeLowRCA1977
Iggy PopSister midnightThe IdiotRCA1977
MogwaiDrunk and crazyEarth division epSub Pop2011*
Dead SkeletonsDead mantraDead magickA Recordings2011
Broken WaterNormal never happened"Normal never happened"/"Faux King Vogue" (7" single)Fan Death2010
The Wrong WordsI admit defeatThe Wrong WordsTrouble In Mind2011*
The Midwest BeatSexi ladi"Back to mono" (7" ep)Eradicator2011...The Hussy cover (also from Wisconsin
Wounded LionI'm sadIVXLCDMIn The Red2011