Her Jazz

with Maria T

There's No Crying In Inside Baseball

Monday, February 6, 2012
19:00 to 21:00
Pink Is My Favorite Color
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
acid baby jesus mesmerized acid baby jesus slovenly *
mannequin men massage lose your illusion, too flameshovel axel rose is 50 today.
the stepmothers let her dance battle of the garages voxx C
the jazz butcher conspiracy nothing special distressed gentlefolk bigtime
lush babytalk live at st. sebastian (2/1/90 surloire, france) shocking uzbek bootleg 7" of a lush concert
human switchboard (i used to) believe in you who's landing in my hangar? anthology 77-84 bar/none *
dif juz cs soundpool 4ad
dinosaur jr sludgefeast youre living all over me merge
st vitus the psychopath st vitus sst
rhys chatham die donnergotter die donnergotter homestead
pens horsies hey friend what you doing de stijl
reports sub toucher dinamo cambridge ride the snake
the raveonettes do you believe her whip it on 10" crunchy frog
bleached no friend of mine 7" ooga booga
the dishes dirty highway the dishes no. 89
the midwest beat back to mono 7" eradicator
dry feet i can't sleep at night 7" evil weevil
zurich 1916 interconnected feedback amplifier loop 1979 life is beautiful why not eat health foods? new underground C
vox pop paint it black life is beautiful why not eat health foods? new underground C
midnite snaxx like lighting 7" raw deluxe
hospitality eighth avenue hospitality merge *
so cow gmt gmt 7" ride the snake
heavenly hearts & crosses punk girl 10" k