with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, November 9, 2011
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini Gospel
PsandwichCeilingNorthern PsychRon House!*
Joe FrazierFirst Round Knockout45RIP.
EuropaEl Misterio De Los Tomates ElectricosLa Ultima Emocion!Valencia, Spain. 1981.*
Mincemeat Or TenspeedTuv Enuv (Heatwave Mix)Tuv Enuv
Heavy D & The BoysDon't Curse12"RIP.
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Dynamic TruthsI Want To KnowUnderstanding Is Overrated
CaroleeExit ReplacerEP1Forthcoming.
The EvensWarble Factor45Forthcoming.
Wu-Tang ClanProtect Ya Neck (Radio Edit)12""I smoke on the mic like smoking Joe Frazier/The hell raiser, raising hell with the flavor."
Bonnie 'Prince' BillyE Lesu / Mailka'l NoQuail & DumplingsMama Ane cover.*
SadgiqaceaThe Great DivideSplit Lp with GrassLocal.
Arthur RussellInstrumental #1First Thought Best Thought1975.
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Joe FrazierKnockout Drop45RIP.
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SugartimeGemini Enemy45Ex-Nice Strong Arm.
Weasel Walter & Peter EvansShowering With BeerOminous Telpathic Mayhem*
ImpalaKing Louie StompSensational Sounds Of The 1995 Estrus Invitational C
The Celibate RiflesEl Salvador45
MastadonSpectrelightThe Hunter
Hula HoopThe Sweetest September7"
Shiny BeastLodestar45Sooyoung Park of Bitch Magnet on vocals.
Dragon TurtleSpill Out The NightSplit 12" with Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Air
Malcolm Mooney & The Tenth PlanetConnectionsinCANtationsOriginal Can vocalist plus SF weirdos live in a warehouse.*
The ReactionsI Want You45
Future Of The LeftWith Apologies To Emily PankhurstPolymers Are Forever
ShadowmanQuarantineEmergency Broadcast Systems C
SmershAmerican International Dub45
FruitcakePatty Lane45
Mono MenDaylightOn The Rocks C
Multitude Of The SlothfulTauntaun/WampaHoth