Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

featuring the weekly Warped Moment at 6pm

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
18:00 to 20:00
other shows

Les Savy FavPoltergeistRoot for ruinfrenchkiss2010...playing 2nite @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, NYC
WeekendMonongah, WVSportsSlumberland2010...playing 2nite @ Kungfu Necktie, Philly
Talk NormalLone general"Lone general"/"Hurricane" (7" single)M'Lady's2011...playing 2nite @ Kungfu Necktie, Philly
Greatest HitsYou're just an uptown girln/an/ download2011...playing Thursday @ Glasslands, NYC
!!!AM/FMStrange weather, isn't it?Warp2010...playing Friday @ The Bell House, NYC
Com TruiseCathode girlsGalactic meltGhostly International2011...playing Saturday @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC*
Ganglians100 YearsMonster head roomWoodsist2009...playing Monday @ The Rock Shop, NYC
The EstrangedFaces stareThe Subliminal manDirtnap2011
Four EyesCarol streamTowards the end of cosmic loneliness (7" ep)Puzzle Pieces2011
Limes5 YearsTarantula!Goner2011 reissue/orig. 2005*
Apache DropoutShot down"Shot down"/"Sister burnout" (7" single)Trouble In Mind2011....brown splash vinyl
Wooden ShjipsHomeWestThrill Jockey2011*
Bone SicknessExhume"Exhume"/"Post-mortem perversion" (7" single)Detest2011
Drugs Dragons[untitled track 1]1-sided 7"?2010
Gordon LightfootIf I could read your mind (warped)W 102 - the nicest music, vol. IIStereo IslandWarped Moment (w/beats courtesy of Ice-T's "New Jack hustler"...late 60s/early 70s
Derobert & The Half-TruthsBeg me"Beg me" (7" ep)G.E.D. Soul2011
SalemSickKing nightIamsound2010
Tyler Jon TylerTick tock tickTyler Jon TylerSlow Fizz2010
The HorrorsMonica GemsSkyingXL2011*
Pink NightmareAd nauseum"Ad nauseum" (7" ep)Compact Chaos2010
Gold-BearsBesides youAre you falling in love?Slumberland2011*
Cabaret VoltaireDo the snake1974-1976Industrial1978 (comp. release date)R
Graham ParkerBack to schooldaysHowlin' windMercury1976
RockpileTeacher teacherSeconds of pleasureColumbia1980
Brian DewanObedience schoolHello Recording Club selection, March 1993Hello1993
Elvis Costello and the AttractionsCharm schoolPunch the clockColumbia1983
Chuck BerrySchool daysThe Great twenty-eightChess1957/comp. released 1982
Van HalenHot for teacher1984Warner Brothers1984