Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim

Psychedelic Salaryman

Saturday, September 3, 2011
19:00 to 21:00
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giant sandfields of greenblue maountainfire records
fountains of waynerichie and rubenskyfulll of holesyep roc*
the horrorschanging the rainskyingxl*
hold steadystay positivestay positivevagrant
diplomats of solid soundget out of the waywhat goes around comes aroundpravda
sloani follow the leaderthe double crossyep roc*
the woodswhat faces the sheetsun and shadewood dist*
ringo deathstarrtwo girlscolour tripsonic unyion*
the sky dropsnow would be a good timeclouds of
here we go magichollywoodthe january epsecretly canadian*
abstarkawalk on the wallsingle 45crikey*
yellow ostrichwhalethe mistressbarsuck*
sky larkinstill windmillskaleidewichta
richie havensfollowmixed bagverve
ariel pinkjesus christ came to mehaunted graffitihuman ear
broadcastpendulumha ha soundwarp
flaming lipsdo you realize yoshimi battles the pink robotswarner bros
four topsintro/are you man enoughlive in concertabc dunhill
mary davisdanger playboy at workabsoute funkbody and soul
eddie cochrancmon every body legendary mastersliberty
the a bones mums the word i was a teenage mummynorton
jimi hendrix experiencerock me babyjimi plays monteryreprise
flamin groooviessweet little rock and rollerslow deathnorton
joey ramonemaria bartiromodont worry about mesanctuary recordsR
david crossi cant get beer in mebigger and blackersub pop
rolling stonescarolget your ya ya s outlondon
bonzo dog bandthe intro and outro history of the bonzosunited artists
patton oswaldalternate universewerewolves and lollipops radio editsub pop
the conception corporation rock and roll classroom...and other states of mindcotillion
jim gaffiganhaving my babydoing my timecomedy central
cream mothers lamentdisraeli gearsatco
flight of the concordsbowie//
neil innes and eric idleaccountancy sea shantythe rutland weekend television song bookpassport records
dead milkmanbitchin camarodeath rides a pale cowrestless
bob newhartthe ledgethe button down strikes backwarner
national lampoon mister robertsgreatest hits of national lampoonvisa records
asteroid #4apple streeta classi c tale of love and hateaudio information phenomenon
tomorrows tulipsshades of greyeternally teenagegalaxia recordshey see that cream record on the playlist up there- that wasnt a long cream "jam' it wasa cream noveltey record- i mean thier jams werent to good- i mean the could have good but in my *
silversun pickupspanic switchswoondangerbirdso like i was saying in my opinion they dropeed the ball and those kind of crappy jams spawned punk so maybe they were good in that sense- um i dunnno
black lipsmodern artarabia mountainsvice*
sit n spindangerenjoy the ridecargo
bobby fuller fourmiserloubobby fuller tapesvoxx