The Scarlet Pumpernickel

with pato

They seek him here, they seek him th.... no wait, here he is!

Wednesday, November 3, 2004
01:00 to 04:00
Better red than bread

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Rachid Taha Rock el Casbah CD single Barclay a muslim cover of clash
Richie Havens All Along the Watchtower Grace of the Sun Stormy Forest
Vaughn Meader Auld Lang Syne The First Family Cadence RIP Vaughn
Temptations Power My Girl: The Very Best of UTV Records
Joss Stone, Nadz Seid Wicked Time Alfie Paramount soundtrack to the remake
Keller Williams Under Pressure Stage s/r bowie/mercury cover
Q and Not U District Night Prayer Power Dischord *
De La Soul No The Grind Date Sanctuary Urban *
The Thin Man No Fun H.M.S. Mondegreen Skin and Bone Records *
The Kropotkins Justice Down South Five Points Crawl Mulatta Records
Giant Sand Fool Is All Over the Map Thrill Jockey *
Television Marquee Moon Marquee Moon Elektra R
Catatonia Dazed, Beautiful and Bruised Equally Cursed and Blessed Atlantic
Cheer Accident Zervas Introducing Lemon Skin Graft
Brendan Butler Good Intentions Killer on the Road Gern Blandsten *
Ozomatli Cumbia de los Muertos Ozomatli Almo Hope you remembered to celebrate the Day of the Dead; don't forget your deceased family and friends
Ely Guerra Besame Sweet and Sour, Hot y Spicy Higher Octave World
Lila Downs La Cucaracha Una Sangre Narada World
Los de Abajo Que Mala Suerte Cybertropic Chilango Power Luaka Bop
Cafe Tacuba Noche Oscura Cafe Tacuba Warner Music Mexico
scarlet pumpernickel players Days of our Loaves (episode 7) Better bread than red Yeast Windies
The Yarrows Angel Gone s/t s/r
Palomar Not Earned Revenge of Palomar Self-Starter Foundation *
Alkali Flats No cylinders are Firing Outen the Light Bazaar of All Nations *
Cobra Killer Yes, I'm Finished 76/77 Monika *
Grimble Grumble Wish Song Leaves Leader Pehr *
Mclusky She Will Only Bring You Happiness She Will Only Bring You Happiness Too Pure *
Joe Sample How Ya Keep Them Down on the Farm? Soul Shadows Verve CD giveaway: congrats to Jason from Medford
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Counting Down the Hours Shake the Sheets Lookout Records *
Landing Filament Sphere K *
Sir Richard Bishop Rose Secretions Improvika Locust *
Teresa Salgueiro and Caetano Veloso Misterio de Afrodite Brizzi do Brazil Amiata
Autobody Don't Lay It On So Thick Xelp s/r
Twink Barnstorming Supercute Mulatta Records *
various (unknown) Birds are Singing but My Lover Won't Return Cambodian Cassete Archives Sublime Frequencies *
Cerberus Shoal Track 2 s/t s/r *