Transitional Soundscapes

with DJ TM5

Industrial Cereal sounds like noize when you add milk

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
21:00 to 00:00
electronic / industrial
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Artist Song Album Label Request Comp
Battery Transit Cop Compilations Cop International C
Dive Sidewalk Sinner True Lies Cop International
Under The Sun Sun Cop Compilations Cop International C
Android Lust Visceral Stimulation Resolution Tinman
Digital Factor Inferiority Complex Defacto n/a
Fektion Fekler The Dowser That Couldn't Dowse Kling Klang Bedlam Pendragon
Digital Factor X Rayzor ( Contamination 2.0 ) Defacto n/a
Individual Totem WWW Artoffact Records Vol 1 Artoffact Records C
Run Level Zero Shadows Merging Symbol Of Submission DSBP
Corporate Soldiers SOY n/a n/a
Interface Voices ( Mono ) Visions Of Modern Life Nihilah
Reaper Altum Silentium Hell Stars With An H Cop International
Neurotic Fish n/a Gelb n/a
Beborn Beton Another World Tales From Another World n/a
Namnambulu Memories Of What I Wanty Expansion n/a
Bruderschaft Forever Forever n/a
Icon Of Coil Thrill Capsule The Soul Is In The Software n/a
FGFC820 Killing Fields Unordinance n/a
Virgins Space Or Pigeon Gotta Get Mad **** ****
Eisenfunk Pong 8 - Bit n/a
God Module The Source Vicera n/a
Noisu-FX Hit Me Hard And Hit Me Fast n/a n/a
Phosgore Domination Domination n/a
Grendel Chemicals & Circuitry Chemicals And Circuitry ( singles ) n/a
Aesthetic Perfection Schadenfreube A Violent Emotion n/a
Gothsicles The Conami Code n/a n/a
Utah Saints Mortal Kombat Theme Song Mortal Kombat Soundtrack TVT Records
Electric 6 Gaybar n/a n/a
Dive Be Yourself True Lies Cop International
Nitzer Ebb Without Belief Belief Geffen
B12 Mondrin Electo-Soma Warp
Project Pitchfork Steelrose Eon : Eon Candyland
Life Cried Bloodstained Banished Psalms Noitekk
Rammstein Fever Frei! Mutter Republic R
Life Cried Bound In Hate Banished Psalms Noitekk