the all-ages show

with Pat

Saturday, January 17, 2004
12:30 to 14:00
not just for grownups

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comp
Ben Rudnick I Like Silver, I Like Gold Emily Songs Listen Up Records
Living Colour What's Your Favorite Color? Vivid CBS
Jesse Smith My Coloring Book I Love My Toys s/r
Rick Scott Purple Elephant Making Faces Jester Records
Sue Trainor Purple Giraffe Under Tables, Out Back Doors SOUPer Music
Fred Penner Blue Frog Animal Songs St. Claire Entertainment C
Freakwater Lil Red Riding Hood The Bottle Let Me Down Bloodshot C
Zucchini Brothers Green Teeth In Your Garden s/r
Paddytales storytime Diary of a Worm Doreen Cronin Joanna Cotler/Harper Collins
Kenny Young and the Eggplants It's a worm's Life The Search for Eggplantis Coney Island Records
Maureen Carr It's Worm's Day Out Alukaleigh Lutz s/R
Tony Burello There's a New Sound (The Sound of Worms) Only in America Arf Arf C
kathleen Gibson Whiney Worms Why Can't I Be Normal? Whirling Rainbow Productions
Kidsinger Jim Daddy Longlegs Love in that House s/r
Two of a Kind Spiders and Snakes Going on an Adventure Magillacutty Music
Roger Day Here Comes Mr. Snake Rock n Roll Rodeo s/r
Ron Israel Caterpillar Songs for Children of All Ages s/r
Walkin' Jim Stoltz Slugs and Bugs A Kid for the Wild s.r