Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

Sunday, October 24, 2004
15:00 to 17:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
the ojays i love music philadelphia classics cbs by far, one of my all time favorite singles. the entire thing just percolates up from bottom and spills over the top. lyrically, it's symplistic, but it doesn't matter. it keeps rolling right along, gaining momentum. FANTASTIC. makes me proud to be from the philadelphia area.
james brown the payback the godfather of soul polydor i don't know karate, but i know "ka-ra-zee" R
jens lekman you are the light you are the light secretely canadian swinging pop that is a little too sweet, but i'll take it anyday. *
teenage fanclub radio 4,766 seconds, a shortcut to teenage fanclub jetset tip your hat to the TF
the teeth when something gets you send my regards to the sunshine s/r the new teeth album is almost out. release party and show at the north star bar next friday. check them out. www.theteeth.net. they are nice.
the kinks people take pictures of each other the village green preservation society reprise can't go wrong
frank zappa & the mothers of invention who needs the peace corps? (edited) we're only in it for the money ryko
henry flynt blue sky, highway, and tyme back porch hill billy blues vol 1 locust like teletype machines in the background of KYW news reports on AM radio, this has a very soothing effect on me.
faun fables girl that said goodbye mother twilight drag city the review on this record states: "perfect sndtrck to the next druid midnight convention *
buffy sainte marie better to find out for yourself illuminations vanguard wicked.
floyd county ramblers i wonder how the old folks are at home black & white hill billy music trikont
simon & garfunkel richard corey sounds of silence columbia overrated for all the wrong reasons. really, S&G are better than what you probably know of them. i suggest pillaging your local dollar bin and get yourself some.
the sundowners have you heard about huntley folk songs for the rich liberty one guess as to why i'm playing this.
fairport convention si tu dois partir unhalfbricking carthage written by bob dylan.
dolly parton mule skinner blues (blue yodel no.8) this is the nashville sound rca yoooooooodeeeelleeeeeeeeeee
mimi farina & tom jans carolina take heart a & m from 1971, check out richard & mimi's work.
john cale letter from abroad hobosapiens emi the newest. lovin' it. *
landing solstice sphere k *
silkworm something hyper it'll be cool touch and go *
gary wilson linda wants to be alone mary had brown hair stones throw *
q and not u wonderful people power dischord *
ted leo & pharmacists heart problems shake the sheets lookout *
rogers sisters 45 prayers three fingers troubleman unlimited
stiv bators circumstantion evidence bomp comp bomp