MasterClassics with Tobias

with Tobias

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
06:00 to 08:30
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Feldman, MortonCoptic LightNew World SymphonyMichael Tilson-Thomasn/aargo 448 513started about 6:03 a.m. EST
Bob & RayMary Backstayge, B&R vol 3, cd1, track 1n/an/aBob Elliot & Ray GouldingRACD 50136:32
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSonata in C, K. 521, piano 4-handsDuo Crommelynckn/aPatrick Crommelynck, Taeko Kuwata (pno 4-hands)claves 50-86096:37
Bob & RayToday's Rundown, B&R vol 3, cd1, track 2n/an/aBob Elliot & Ray GouldingRACD 50137:00
Milhaud, DariusLa Creation du Monde19 Pickup soloistsDarius Milhaud !alto saxGEM 01247:02
Bob & RayMary Backstayge, B&R vol 3, cd1, track 3n/an/aBob Elliot & Ray GouldingRACD 50137:17
Bob & RayAd for Einbinder Flypaper, B&R vol 3, cd1, track 4n/an/aBob Elliot & Ray GouldingRACD 50137:53
Yarmolinsky, BenArpil 15th BluesVariousn/aElaine Valby (sopr, as: Jane Q. Public), Randall Scarlata (Bar., as: Jeremy Cohen, C.P.A.; also as: 1040 tax form),CRI 10407:21
Chopin, FrédéricEtudes: op. 25 #9, op 10 #5 (both in Gflat)n/an/aIgnaz Friedman (pno)Appian app 55087:53
Bob & RayMary Backstayge, B&R vol 3, cd1, track 5n/an/aBob Elliot & Ray GouldingRACD 50137:53
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusQuartet for Clarinet, Violin, Viola and Cello, K.378 (K.317d)members of Archibudellin/an/an/a8:04
Chopin, FrédéricMazurka #25 in b, op. 33#4; sonata #2 in bflat, op. 35 last mvt onlyn/an/aIgnaz Friedman (pno)Appian app 55088:23