Dance Party

with KPC

featuring Shit Robot's "Simply Shit 320 Mix" WPRB exclusive at 10pm!

Thursday, November 4, 2010
20:00 to 00:00
other shows

(talkset music) Tolga FidanDowner no. 5Sexually responsive epFreak n'Chic2010
Jacques RenaultTuxedo danceRvng of the Nrds, vol. 6 (12" ep)RVNG INTL2008
Still GoingSpaghetti circus"Spaghetti circus" (12" ep)DFA2009
SebastianMomy"Motor" (12" ep)Ed Banger2008...clear red vinyl
Headman, feat. Katrina NoorbergenDirt (The C90s remix)"Dreampieces"/"Dirt" (12" ep)Relish2009
Lillica LibertineUltra 10"Limited edition"/"Ultra 10" (12" single)Meal Deal2008
Cronk Family EnterprisesPut it on"A Quiet rebellion"/'Put it on" (12" single)Five20East2007
Nitedog AnonstopChains (Nitedog Anonstop edit)"Real good time" (12" ep)Black Disco2009
Q&ATrap door"Tumbling cubes"/"Trap door" (12" single)DFA2009

Shit Robot's "Simply Shit 320 Mix" made for WPRB:
Shit RobotSimple things (work it out) (Todd Terje remix)Simply Shit 320 MixDFA
Chicken LipsFeast of freaks (Kotey's tape edit)Simply Shit 320 MixLipservice
Suburban KnightThe GrooveSimply Shit 320 MixTransmat
Black Meteoric StarDeath tunnelSimply Shit 320 MixDFA
X-RayLet's goSimply Shit 320 MixTransmat
Crazy PLove on the line (Unabombers remix)Simply Shit 320 Mix20:20 Vision
Bangkok ImpactPremature ejaculationSimply Shit 320 MixCrème Organization
Joris VoornSweep the floorSimply Shit 320 MixRejected
Cobblestone jazzTraffic jamSimply Shit 320 MixWagon Repair
Crazy PStop space return (Unabomber dub)Simply Shit 320 Mix20:20 Vision
Shit RobotSimple things (work it out) (main mix)Simply Shit 320 MixDFA
(talkset music) Tolga FidanNisedSexually responsive epFreak n'Chic2010
JackpotBrief encounterRvng of the Nrds, vol. 9 (12" ep)RNVG INTL2009
historicsCity to city (Pink Stallone High By Foot RMX)Infinidelity - part 1Metrpolitan Indian/RVNG2010...33 played at 45...more kickin'
Dance DisorderZusammen"Zusammen" (12" single)BPitch2010
Pink SkullMake this hotBlobbaghanoush (12" ep)s/r2010
LovefingersBermudaRvng of the Nrds, vol. 4 (12" ep)RVNG INTL2007
RunawayBrooklyn club jam"Brooklyn club jam" (12" single)DFA2008
Stahl RigPetite storm (In Flagranti remix)In Flagranti (Rvng of the Nrds, vol. 8)RVNG INTL2009
Pink StalloneSeaside conga"The Six"/"Seaside conga" (12" signle)Generatto2009
OnzeGoodbye Lino"Goodbye Lino"/"Then we make love" (12" signle)Areal2010
PilooskiAAA"AAA"/"OOO" (12" single) (Rvng of the Nrds, vol. 10)RNVG INTL2010
Tim SweeneyCome closer"Stop sitting around" (12" ep)Public Release2010...picture disc
PixeltanYamerarena-is/t (12" ep)DFA2009
Mock & ToofDigit 3Digit 1,2&3 (12" ep) (Rvng of the Nrds, vol. 3)RVNG INTL2007
Worst FriendsPillows of wind (Bostro Pesopeo remix)split 12" (w/Praveen & Benoit)s/r2008
ShetlandExcess (Brendon's Moeller Moderately Excessive Dub)"Excess" (12" ep)Apnea2010
White Light CircusRocket ride (The Emperor Machine version)"Rocket ride" (12" single)DC Recordings2006
Jacques RenaultCome on y'all"Young single and free" (12" epPublic Release2010...picture disc