with Jon Solomon

It just turned from winter to summer...

Wednesday, October 20, 2004
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini GospelThe theme song you know and love.
Ted Leo & The PharmacistsWalking To DoShake The SheetsIt couldn't happen to a nicer guy.*
Symbolic ThreeWe're Treacherous12"Featuring DJ Dr. Shock.
The DictatorsTeengenerateGo Girl Crazy
Saint Bushmill's ChoirThree PolkasS/TFormer members of The Gits and The Pinkos.*
Foster BrooksThe MirrorThe Loveable Lush
Brother JTSon Of ManOff BlueEverybody was somebody's baby once.*
Armored SaintMarch Of The SaintMarch Of The SaintNice motorcycles, guys.
McluskyShe Will Only Bring You HappinessShe Will Only Bring You Happiness*
JonLes SuccettesGreat Jewish Music: Serge GainsbourgJohn Zorn's friends cover French pop. Is that a baby singing? C
Nispy RussellWell Do HospitalLaff LecturesOh, Nipsy.
Mixmaster MikeMarvelBangzilla*
BuzzcocksEverybody's Happy NowadaysSingles Going SteadyAs covered in the end credits of "Shaun Of The Dead." Couldn't stop thinking about it since.
Brandon R. ButlerNext TimeKiller On The RoadFormer singer for Boys Life and Canyon gone solo. Flaming tricycle tattoos look best on people who are not me.*
ClockcleanerBad ManThe HasslerFrom Philadelphia.
The SympathizersLive on
The HellacoptersRed LightBy The Grace Of GodBest song on a lackluster album from this Swedish band.*
Kool Rock J & The DJ SliceNotorious12"
Tomorrow's FriendBanging Everything In Sight45
Robert AudyIntroductionTap Dancing For BeginnersI think I just broke my ankle.
Red GlanceShe Walks With The Beauty Of The MoonSwirls Away1982 demos by this group of Indianapolis misfits.*
Free MovementI've Found Someone Of My OwnSuper Bad C
Das OathGet Out Of Your SceneS/TMy, that's noisy.*
DalekBlack Smoke RisesFrom Filthy Tongues Of Gods And GriotsLive next week on this radio show.
The Jane AnchorEmilySecond Wave*
Little MarkieDiary Of An Unborn Childmp3So creepy. So very, very creepy.
Tom Ze'Companheiro BushProtest Records
The Tangled LinesJust Call Our Namemp3Fun German hardcore.
Al GreenDriving WheelGets Next To YouHot.
American Music ClubPatriot's HeartLove Songs For PatriotsWelcome back, Mark.*
Comets On FireThe Unicorn/Ice AgeLiveRecorded at WFMU.*