Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

featuring the weekly Warped Moment at 7pm

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
18:00 to 20:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Klaxons Cypherspeed Surfing the void Polydor 2010...playing 2nite @ Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ *
Off With Their Heads Wrong From the bottom No Idea 2008...playing 2nite @ Electric Factory, Philly
Four Tet Love cry Angel echoes + remixes Domino 2010....playing Friday @ Webster Hall, NYC *
The Drums Skippin' town The Drums Downtown 2010...playing Friday @ Voyeur, Philly
Surfer Blood Catholic pagans Astro coast Kanine 2010...playing Friday @ Voyeur, Philly
UNKLE, feat. Sleepy Sun Follow me down (Tim Goldsworthy remix) The Answer ep Surrender All 2010...playing Saturday @ Webster Hall, NYC *
High On Fire Razor heart Surrounded by thieves Relapse 2002...playing Sunday @ Webster Hall, NYC
The Black Angels The Sniper Phosphene dream Blue Horizon 2010 *
The Super Vacations Ask a comb Thicker milk Shdwply 2010
The Mullens Boilermaker It's hard to imagine Get Hip 2009
Liechtenstein Passion for water "Passion for water" (7" ep) Fraction Discs 2010
Kleenex/Lilput Ain't you Kleenex/Lilput Kill Rock Stars 2001
The Young Werewolves Curse of the cocaine mummies The Young Werewolves s/r 2004 R
Procol Harum A Whiter shade of pale (warped) A Whiter shade of pale A&M 1967...Warped Moment (w/beats courtesy of Ratatat)
Flying Lotus Camera day Pattern + Grid World Warp 2010 *
Add N To (X) Revenge of the black regent Avant hard Mute 1999
HEALTH We are water DISCO2: You will love each other Lovepump United 2010 *
Hrvatski Rhetoric Oiseaux 96-98 Reckankkreuzungsklankewerkzeuge 1997...comp. released 1999
IQU, with Miranda July Kida co-coma (Dj Swiggs mix) Girls on dates ep K 1999
Belle & Sebastian Come on sister Write about love Matador 2010 *
The Vaselines Roaster "Sex with an X"/"Roaster" (7" single) Sub Pop 2010 *
Christina Carter Re-found Mary Original darkness Kranky 2008
Dinosaur Jr. Don't Bug SST/Merge (reissue) 1988/2005 (reissue)