Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia

Sunday, October 17, 2004
15:00 to 17:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
battles bttls b ep dim mak yes, i know you can't hear me on the air right now, i don't know what the problem is, but we're working on it. email requests or instant message them to me. because, get this, the phones aren't working either. *
permanent fatal error low law speed law speed these long tracks make up for the exorbanant amount of time i would be yakking to you about this week's theme, which is cars (which will begin around 4). stay tuned.
paul westerberg how can you like him folker vagrant new paul westerberg! i am having a fun time listening to all the old wprb instant replay spots. weee. what fun. *
little wings darkened car magic wand k *
silk worm penalty box it'll be cool touch & go good ... haven't heard from them in awhile. *
the jacobites fortune of fame robespierre's velvet basement cartel nikki sudden & dave kusworth! rockin. most def.
the sermon luzerne county volume alternative tentacles heavy fierce *
f.o.d. (flag of democracy) the old new one down with people rave reformed and opening for the dead milkmen reunion show next month. of course, duh, from philly. since '82.
tall boys they came by night scallywag tag jakattak from brooklyn, new-ish.
les georges leningrad missing gary sur les traces de black eskimo alien 8 insane *
bush tetras things that go boom in the night more g.d.m. tiger sushi stands for, "good dance music"? C
alkali flats no cylinders are firing outen the light bazaar of all nations phila. pa. *
unknown "birds are singing but my lover won't return" cambodian cassette archives sublime frequencies sublimefrequencies.com. check it out! * C
donovan car car riding in my car songs of summer greatest hits and herein starts the "car" set. this song was dedicated to woody guthrie.
built to spill car the normal years oh doug martsch, how you love to "neil young out". i love it as well.
guided by voices motor away alien lanes matador ok, so i guess i still like gbv despite the grossness that they have put out into the world. alien lanes and bee thousand are still two of my favorite albums.
big star back of a car radio city stax
magnetic fields luckiest guy on the L.E.S. 69 love songs, disc 2 merge
beat happening drive car girl jamboree k
the breeders drivin' on 9 last splash epic
camper van beethoven joe stallin's cadillac s/t pitchatent super fun. i missed thier show last week in philly. i am not happy about that but, i will live vicariously through the new cd, which will be at the station next sunday.
fountains of wayne survival car s/t atlantic
the dickies manny moe and jack dawn of the dickies captain oi! C-L-A-S-S-I-C.
the buzzcocks fast cars operator's manual
built to spill joyride (edit) the normal years by email request. R
breaking circus driving the dynamite truck big hits of middle america twin tone C
dave dudley six days on the road famous orig. hits of country music artists country hall of fame i like a good trucker anthem. breaker-breaker, you got me??
jerry reed lord, mr. ford original country gold rca from a dime-a-dozen comp. but funny nonetheless. C
tom waits diamonds on my windshield the heart of saturday night asylum genius.
bruce. racing in the street darkness on the edge of town cbs no last names needed. you know what's up.
david bowie always crashing in the same car low rca
yoko ono coffin car feeling the space apple best yoko album as far as i'm concerned.
sugarcubes motorcrash life's too good elektra
the b-52s devil in my car wild planet wb
simon and garfunkle baby driver bridge over troubled water columbia if anyone out there cares, i am djing at the khyber in philly this thursday. the theme of the night is bob dylan vs. donovan/vs. simon & g. come out and folk!
bobby fuller king of the wheels mustang years munster
the sonics boss hoss here are the sonics norton really boss
the modern lovers ride on down the highway/roadrunner precise modern lovers order rounder i say road runner once, road runner twice, road runner...blagga!"
the feelies the boy with perpetual nervousness crazy rhythms stiff R
the lyres several tracks from... some lyres taang!