the worried waltz

with stroop waffels

Sunday, August 22, 2010
21:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
anon. waltz musical organ clock vanguard
spike jones ill barkio spike jones is murdering the classics rca
passereau/swingle singers il est bel et bon swingle II columbia
henri kling kitchen symphony toy symphonies & other fun angel
household regina music box jingle bells the christmas music box sounds of our times
debussy/tomita golliwog's cakewalk snowflakes are dancing rca
gershwin/clara rockmore summertime lost theremin album bridge
luigi russolo veglio di una citta dada for now ark
john cage radio music nova musicha n.1 cramps
pierre schaeffer/pierre henry symphonie pour un homme seul exxcerpts panorama of musique concrete no.2 london
bahnfahrt bahnfahrt sounds of new music folkways
raymond scott the music box soothing sounds for baby epic
miklos rosza spellbound prelude . .
moondog rabbit hop viking of sixth avenue honest jon's
les paul moritat les & mary capitol
tornadoes telstar the original telstar london
ken nordine sound museum best of word jazz vol.1 rhino
korla pandit pelone telephone . .
electro sonic orchestra mack the knife electro sonic orchestra coral
tony schwartz/jimmy giuffre music in marble halls you're stepping on my shadow folkways
andre popp musique mecanique presenting popp! columbia
russ garcia goofy people of phobos fantastica music from outer space liberty
henry jacobs microtonal around the world with important
dean elliot lonesome road zounds! what sounds! capitol
bob thompson three wheeler waltz the sound of speed dot
ibm 7090 frere jacques music from mathematics decca
jim copp kate higgins tales playhouse
don lee echo echo echo crazy rhythm jubilee
danny guglielmi jealous adventure in sound tops
james joyce/andre hodeir anna livia plurabelle excerpt ann livia plurabelle philips
lalo schifrin wheat germ landscapes there's a whole lalo schifrin goin on dot
donald ashwander first avenue turnips upstairs
napoleon xiv bats in my belfry the second coming rhino
beatles being for the benefit of mr. kite sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band parlophone
yoko ono midsummer new york fly apple
frank zappa revenge of the knick knack people serious music ica
appleton syntonic menagerie chef d'oeuvre appleton syntonic menagerie flying dutchman
lucifer the ride of aida voodoo black mass mca
hot butter popcorn hot butter plays pop corn musicor
jacques perrey 18th century puppet moog indigo vanguard
residents birth eskimo cryptic
kraftwerk numbers computer world elektra
art of noise moments in love into battle with island
eno/byrne the jezebel spirit my life in the bush of ghost nonesuch
laurie anderson smoke rings home of the brave warner brothers
brian eno draw one animal curiosities vol.1 opal
sparks your call's very important to us lil' beethoven lil' beeethoven
bill laswell/hoppy kamiyama parrot fashion . .
tipsy space golf trip tease the seductive sounds of asphodel
martin tetreault a la maison/l'ouverture des pas et des mois ambiances magnetiques
world standard tic tac childish music staubgold
tom recchion jazz 10,000 ad . .
burial ghost hardware . .
dokaka neu wave human interface dual plover
wevie stonder house of sweets . .
felix kubin fernwaerme wien . .
ergo phizmiz eloise my dolly/silent bill . .
people like us/ergo phizmiz ghosts before breakfast perpetuum mobile .
ergo phizmiz food & war things to do & make .
laurie anderson smoke rings home of the brave warner brothers song of the week