the worried waltz

with sehr langsam

Sunday, August 15, 2010
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label
satie socrate socrate wergo
schoenberg summer sadness songs of the new vienna school dg
orff de temporum fine comoedia . .
william walton/dame edith sitwell en famille facade .
john cage 62 mesostics re merce cunningham . .
karlheinz stockhausen stimmung model 1 stimmmung .
gyorgy ligeti nonsense madrigal 6 flying robert . .
morton feldman 3 voices . .
philip glass bed songs from the trilogy cbs
sergei kleptomaniac oedipus excerpt oedipus melodiyayaya
raoul hausmann kp' erioum . .
f.t. marinetti sintesi musicali futuriste . .
charles ives/kronos quartet they are there! black angels nonesuch
ernst toch geographical fugue in retrospect crystal
ellie mao the funny old man an anthology of chinese folk songs folkways
moondog choo choo lullaby h'art songs kopf
joan la barbara whisper . .
franz hohler traraa 1,2,3 traraa! cbs
charles dodge speech song . .
james joyce/elliot kaplan wake! wake! wake! finnegans wake rca
ken nordine anytime,anytime best of word jazz vol.1 rhino
yma sumac medicine man miracles london
dione neutra a piedmontese folksong in an unusual program of songs richard j. neutra institute
hindemith/hiller/fehlmann jetzt ist's nacht alled schlaft wir bauen eine stadt gagarin
eisler/brecht tierverse 5 das pferd . .
john/lennon/yoko ono no bed for beatle john unfinished music no.2 life with the lions apple
zappa/mothers mr. green genes uncle meat ryko
captain beefheart & his magic band the dust blows forward n the dust blows black trout mask replica reprise
patty waters black is the color of my true love's hair patty waters sings esp
meg welles quintet ode to a gray flannel rectangle once upon a theme columbia
dory previn mr. whisper on my way to where bgo
carla bley nothing tropic appetites watt
agnes bernelle hafen kneipe father's lying dead on the ironing board demon
robert wyatt revolution without r radio experiment rome, february 1981 rai trade
david bowie it's no game part one scary monsters rca
der plan die welt ist schlect geri reig und normalette surprise ata tak
holger hiller whippets oben im eck mute
weill/john zorn der kleine leutenant lost in the stars a & m
brian eno bone bomb another day on earth opal
bjork ol birtan medulla elektra
nobukazu takemura machine's dream . .
punkt/sidsel endresen her ghost . .
monkey confessions of a pig journey to the east xl
laurie anderson bodies in motion homeland nonesuch
einsturzende neubauten vicky the jewels potomak
alexander hacke/danielle de picciotto of gluttony & feasting the ship of fools potomak
alva noto/blixa bargeld i wish i was a mole in the ground ret marut handshake .
vincent bergeron l'ombre vacille en serpentine virevoltant . .
marianne nowottny purgatory canto 1 divine cantos abaton book company
danger mouse & sparklehorse dark night of the soul dark night of the soul emi
ergo phizmiz i am the music man . .
people like us/ergo phizmiz social dance song perpetuum mobile .
ergo phizmiz busby berkeley things to do & make .