the worried waltz

with thuringia klapprott

Sunday, August 8, 2010
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
henry lytton the laughing song art of the savoyard pearl
weill/brecht erstes dreigroschen finale die dreigroscenoper teldec
george grossmith murders music from the ny stage 1890-1920 pearl
cole porter what a nice municipal park cole sings porter koch
edith piaf le chant du pirate paris rive gauche flapper
charlie chaplin nonsense song modern times .
ernie mayne i can't do my bally bottom button up glory of the music hall vol.3 pearl
comedian harmonists der onkel bumpa aus kalumba comedian harmonists odeon
dick robertson crazy words crazy tune silly songs abc
charles trenet les oiseaux de paris songs of columbia
george grossmith murders music from... pearl
greta keller gloomy sunday . .
marlene dietrich miss otis regrets the cosmopolitan columbia
ella fitzgerald miss otis regrets . .
billie holiday eeny meeny miney mo quintessntial vol.1 columbia
grace chang achoo cha cha the hole soundtrack
the lion bing crosby the real calypso folkways
lord kitchener kitsch's bebop calypso lonodn is the place for me trinidadian calypso in london 1950-1956 honest jons
prevert/kosma/bentley cafe au lait . .
jacques brel the statue poetic world of
brel/rod mckuen the statue mckuen sings brel stanyan
brel/joe maisell the statue jacques brel is alive & well & living in paris atlantic
brel/cast brussels jacques brel is alive & well & living in paris atlantic
brel/elly stone the middle class the new legend of the ancient mariner or the spirit of 76 & other tales eebee
brel/nina simone the desperate ones nina simone & piano! rca
scott walker next classics & collectibles mercury
serge gainsbourg les goemons n.4 philips
rimbaud/leo ferre les corbeaux les poetes vol.3 barclay
catherine sauvage tu n'en reviendras pas chansons d'auteurs philips
george kreisler das triangel . .
boby lapointe petit homme qui vit d'espoir . .
pasolini/morricone opening credits song hawks & sparrows soundtrack
anna karina/jean paul belmondo my fate line pierrot le fou soundtrack
hans christian blech/wim wenders rosenthal song wrong move soundtrack
fassbinder/raaben jimmy loves animals whity soundtrack
george grossmith murders music from... pearl
prevert/kosma/bentley cafe au lait . .
wolf biermann/bentley soldatenmelodie . .
franz hohler my chuhistuel isch abenand . .
colette magny bura bura . .
catherine ribeiro aria populaire . .
jacques higelin nini . .
albert marcoeur mon pere avait un p'tit champ d'pommes 1974 label freres
art bears democracy the world as it is today rer
hermine the thrill is gone the world on my plate ltm
watt/wyatt walter & john . .
helmut quatlinger cocktail bolero . .
arthur h/feist la chanson de satie . .
ignatus les cuisines de l'amour . .
eva marie hagen/nina hagen die alten knacker .. .
judith berkson mi re do . .
ivor cutler/parenthetical girls a nuance . .
ergo phizmiz i am the music man/bally buttons . .
scott walker farmer in the city tilt drag city
damon albarn farmer in the city . .
robert plant farmer in the city . .
charlie barnes farmer in the city . .
martin tielli farmer in the city . .
george grossmith murders music from... pearl song of the week