The Clothesline

with Wilbo

Monday, August 2, 2010
13:00 to 15:00
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Artist Song Album Label
Spanky And Our Gang Leopard Skin Phones Without Rhyme or Reason Mercury
Carla Bley/Paul Haines Escalator Over The Hill: Part 1 - Cecil Clark's Old Hotel - Hotel Overture/This is Here.../Like Animals/Escalator Over The Hill/Stay Awake/Ginger and David/Song to Anything That Moves/EOTH Theme, Part 2 - Off Premises - Businessmen/Ginger and David Theme/ Escalator Over The Hill JCOA
Carla Bley/Paul Haines Why, Part 3 - Cecil Clark's - Detective Writer Daughter/Doctor Why/Slow Dance(Transductory Music)/Smalltown Agonist, Part 4 - In The Meadow or in Hotels - End of Head/Over Her Head/Little Pony Soldier, Part 5 - In Flux - Oh Say Can You Do?/Holiday in Risk Escalator Over The Hill JCOA
Carla Bley/Paul Haines Holiday in Risk Theme/ A.I.R.(All India Radio)/Rawalpindi Blues/End of Rawalpindi, Part 6 - End of Animals/...And It's Again Escalator Over The Hill JCOA