the worried waltz

with hoiby saariaaho

Sunday, August 1, 2010
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label
bach prelude & fugue 6 in d well tempered clavier rca
martin luther/emerald polyphon a mighty fortrress is our god religious music played on antique music boxes musical wonder house
charlie parker perdido vol.2 everest
chopin funeral march great pianists of the century play chopin seraphim
raymond scott boy scout in switzerland drawing room columbia
beethoven/robert c. pritikin moonlight sawnata there's a song in my saw p & g
miles davis blue in green kind of blue columbia
dvorak/clara rockmore humoresque lost theremin album bridge
debussy images book 1 piano works philips
thelonious monk epistrophy big band & quartet in concert columbia
ravel pavane pour une infante defunte piano music odyssey
schubert/honing/mulder th organ grinder winterreise jazz in motion
satie efantillages pittoresques l'oeuvre pour piano emi
satie parade parade helios
charles koechlin sieste avant le depart persian hours marco polo
pierre vellones rapsodie pour saxophone harp & celeste marcel mule encore! clarinet classics
anis fuliehan/clara rockmore pastorale lost theremin album bridge
jean wiener et bonjour tout le monde improvisations au piano ina
maurice jaubert valse intermede suite francaise dcm
dave brubeck bach an'all near myth fantasy
charles mingus a foggy day pithecanthropus erectus atlantic
andre popp beer barrel polka delirium in hi-fi basta
roger roger eccentric walk grands travaux koch
john cage dance 3 3 dances for 2 amplified prepared pianos angel
oskar sala #4 five improvisations on tape westminster
zappa/mothers the chrome plated megaphone of destiny we're only in it for the money ryko
sun ra journey to the stars my brother the wind 2 evidence
dick hyman tap dance in the memory banks moog command
christopher hobbs aran ensemble pieces obscure
harold budd/brian eno an echo of night the pearl editions eg
michael brook hybrid hybrid ediitons eg
bill laswell moving target baselines celluloid
david van tieghem the women these things happen warner brothers
ornette coleman space church in all languages verve
joe jackson no pasaran will power a & m
fred frith you are what you eat excerpt the technology of tears sst
frank zappa they made me eat it civilization phaze 3 zappa
hauschka la dilettante room to expand fat cat
nis frahm durton pingipung plays the piano .
gonzales gentle threat solo piano no format
aaron jackson odeo . .
john morton teetines solo traveler music for music boxes innova
benedict mason/alarm will sound disgraceful bossanova with lemurs a/rhythmia nonesuch
looping jaw harp orchestra jam & eggs elephant road looping no budget productions
jan bang abdication & coronation and poppies from kandahar samadhisound
andy partridge powers excerpts powers 12 sound pieces inspired by the art of richard m. powers ape