with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini Gospel
Steel Pole Bath TubBozemanThe Miracle Of Sound In Motion
Frew HaylouAlmaz Men Eda NewEthiopiques 25C
PontiakAlgers By DayLiving*
Tender TrapFinFilm Molecules
Sonny Henning100 Tips Zum UberlebenCloud Cuckooland*C
The Jim Yoshi PileupShark RepellentIt's Winter Here
Mondo ToplessNothing Can Bring Me DownFreaking OutTwilighters cover.*
SilkwormDead AirLifestyleFive goddamn years.
CrunchCrusiePeoples Potnetial Family Album*
ToneConfidence & ProgressSolidarity
Cumbia Siglo XXNaga PedalePalenque Palenque: Champeta Criolla & Afro Roots In Columbia*C
The Poison ArrowsTranquil EyesNewfound ResolutionsForthcoming. Great.
My Dad Is DeadCan't Get StartedThe Taller You Are, The Shorter You Get
ZoomFlunkieS/TReunited! Really!
Ty SegallBullet Proof Nothing45Simply Saucer cover.*
Oxford CollapsePlease Visit Your National ParksRemember The Night Parties
Empty ShapesMLKSplit album with Carlton Melton*
De La SoulEgo Trippin' (Part Two)Buhloone Mindstate
Tuli KupferbergThe And SongTuli & FriendsRIP.
Dan SartainThose ThoughtsLives*

Dan R. from "A Bit Stranger" helms the final hour tonight.
Big StarWay Out WestRadio CityRIP Andy Hummel.
The Adult NetIncense and Peppermints7"
Flux of Pink IndiansNeu SmellStrive to Survive & Neu Smell
EvangelistaThe SlayerPrince of Truth
15.60.75ThiefJimmy Bell's Still in TownR
Don CherryBrown Rices/t
Really RedDecayTeaching You the Fear
SuperpitcherFeverHere Comes Love
Tom DissaveltVibration (or the Visitor from Inner Space)Popular Electronics
Die Haut and Nick CavePleasure is the BossBurnin' the Ice
CurlewFirst BiteNorth America
PiscesMaryA Lovely Story
JaylibThe RedChampion Sound
The Flesh EatersSee You in the BoneyardA Minute to Pray a Second to Die
Henry FlyntEcho RockBack Porch Hillbilly Blues Vol. 2