The Clothesline

with Wilbo

Monday, June 21, 2010
13:00 to 15:00
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Artist Song Album Label New Request
Incredible String Band A Very Cellular Song The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter Fledg'ling/Carthage *
Panda Bear #5 Young Prayer Paw Tracks
Tuli Kupferberg My Name is Bob Dylan Tuli and Friends Shimmy Disc
Barry Adamson The Ring's The Thing:1.On The Wrong Side of Relaxation 2.Under Wraps 3.Central Control 4.Round up The Usual Suspects Moss Side Story Mute
Pan Sonic Kuusi Halko The "B" EP Mute
Irving Klaw Trio Cubano Saucer Utek Pahto Mogoi Road Cone
Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos Las Lomas De New Jersey Muy Divertado! Atlantic
Ween Pollo Asado The Pod Shimmy Disc
Liars Goodnight Everything Sisterworld Mute *
Ruby Suns Sun Lake Rinsed Fight Softly Sub Pop *
The Fall Cowboy George Your Furure Our Clutter Domino *
Polvo Duped The Cor-Crane Secret Merge
Guide By Voices Bulldog Skin 7" Matador
Let's Wrestle I'm in Love With Destruction In The Court of The Wrestling Let's Merge *
Love Dolls Last Beer Love One Another Buy Our
The Monks I Hate You Black Monk Time Infinite Zero
Flip'n'Boogers Brakin' in The Fast Lane 7" Waggletone
The Locust Siphonic Projectiles DuringSelective Amnesia Flight of the Wounded Locust GSL
The Flying Luttenbachers Dance of The Lonely Hyenas Destroy All Music Skin Graft
Panicsville Piss in Your Brain and Control Your Mind Imperfection of The Organism SNSE
Sonic Youth (She's in a) Bad Mood Confusion is Sex Neutral Nine R
Frank Zappa Willie The Pimp Hot Rats Ryko