MasterClassics with Tobias

with Tobias

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
06:00 to 08:30
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Shostakovich, Dmitrisymphony #1 in f, op. 10london philharmonic orchestrabernard haitinkn/alondon 414 677started about 6:03 a.m. EDT
Villa-Lobos, Heitorbachianas brasilieras #7new world symphonymichael tilson-thomasn/arca 685386:35
Debussy, Claudestring quartet in g, op. 10brooklyn rider gandelsman & colin jacobsen (vlns), nicholas cords (vla), eric jacobsen (vc)In a circle records ICR0037:06
Rachmaninoff, SergeiPiano Sonata #2 in b-flat, op. 36n/an/aolga kernhm 9073997:33
Strauss, Johann, jrGeisselhiebe polka (whiplash polka)cincinnati pops orchestraerich kunzeln/atelarc 803147:55
Young, Charles Rochesterthree summer eveningsThe Baylor Woodwind Quintetn/an/acentaur crc 29598:01*
Mozart, Leopold OR Haydn, Franz Josef, OR maybe who knowstoy symphonynbc symphony orchestraarturo toscaninilive broadcast between 1941 and 1950, inclusivebmg rca 603088:13
Ives, Charles, arr. Shuman, Williamvariations on 'America'saint louis symphony orchestraleonard slatkinn/abmg rca 607788:23
Corigliano, JohnChiaroscuro for two pianoss/tn/an/ablair mcmillen & sachiko kato (pnos, tuned a 1/4 tone apart)crc 29538:30
Lansky, PaulDancetracksn/an/aSteve Mackey plus remixing and additions by Lanskybridge bcd 90358:43