Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Saturday, March 27, 2010
01:00 to 04:00
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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Artist Song Album Label Request
Richochet Gathering Keep End Keep On Richochet Dream
Wendy Carlos Cantata No. 29 Switched On Bach East Side R
Tangerine Dream Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares Phaedra Virgin
Tangerine Dream Movements of a Visionary Phaedra Virgin
Tangerine Dream Sequent C' Phaedra Virgin
Eluvium Taken Talk Amongst the Trees Temporary Residence
Radio Massacre International Philadelphia Rain Stars End 30th Anniversary Anthology
Jason Sloan A Dawn in the Emptiness Whispered With Water SLOBOR
Centrozoon Empire Blast DiN
Picture Palace Music Añoranza Curriculum Vitae I: The Aside Ones Richochet Dream
Saul Stokes Hello Radar Villa Galaxia Binary/Stokes Music
Saul Stokes Vapor Trails Villa Galaxia Binary/Stokes Music
Rudy Adrain Of Clouds and Mountains Desert Realms Lotuspike
Rapoon Terran Recurring (Dream Circle) Soleilmoon Recordings
Rapoon Sub-Terran Recurring (Dream Circle) Soleilmoon Recordings