Good Music

with DJ Arico

Sunday, September 26, 2004
10:00 to 13:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
David Evan Jones Sestra Ruchiniza Fast & odd : Balkan Jazz and Concert music centaur
Miles davis Green dolphin Street No Blues JMY
Charlie Parker Scarapple from the Apple Bird at the Roost savoy 12"
Cannonball Adderley The LIttle Boy With the Sad Eyes Radio Nights Virgin
Chick Corea Morning Sprite Akoustic Band Grp
John Coltrane Greensleeves Africa/Brass Impulse 12"
John Coltrane Traneing in Blue Trane Prestige
Alice Coltrane Blue Nile Ptah, The El Daoud impulse
Mark Elf Come Rain or Come Shine A Minor Scramble Jen Bay
Susie Ibara Gawain NG Pamilya II Folkloriko tzadik
Matthew Shipp Galaxy 105 Harmony and Abyss Thirsty Ear 9/22/2004
Rich West Curly Bedouin Hornbook pfMENTUM
Craig Taborn Mystero Junk Magic Thirsty Ear
Big Satan ce sont noms des mots souls saved hear thirsty Ear
Herbie Hancock Sly Headhunters columbia 1973 12"
Stevens, Michael Jefry & Michael Rabinowits Memory Lane Play Drimala 2004
Steve Swell, Perry Robinson Careful Little Hempen Clouds invisible cities drimala
Electric Masada Yatzar electric Masada tzadik
Babatunde Lea and Phenomena Thailand stick Levels of conciousness Evidence
Avram Fefer Quartet LOSS Cimposium CIMP
Mccoy tyner Illuminations Illuminations telarc