The All-Ages Show

with Paddy and Eddap

where we play music that's not just for grownups

Saturday, February 6, 2010
12:00 to 13:30
sponsored by Cotsen Children's Library

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
Teacher and the Rockbots Sports Bring the World Together World s/r Exciting time for sports fans -- Super Bowl tomorrow, winter Olympics starting Friday...
Neil Brewer and Friends Football Back in School s/r
Bill Wellington The Salad Bowl Radio WOOF Hits Home s/r
Sue Farrington and Mary Kendall Victory Sun Shiny Day s/r
The Brothers Comstock Gimmie da Ball Songs and Other Stupid Stuff from .. s/r
Danna Banana (I'm) Taking My Ball and Going Home Daddy-O! s/r
Ralph's World Who's the Winner? The Amazing Adventures of Kid Astro MiniFresh
Bill Harley Love of the Game One More Time Round River
Silly Stevie T. Pick Me Last Kids Just Want to Have Fun s/r
Bonzo Dog Band Sport (The Odd Boy) The History of BGO
Mr. Nicky Nerds and Weirdos Rattlesnakes for Breakfast s/r
PaddyTales Rude Giants Audrey Wood read on air
Mary Kaye Mean Ogre I Sang It Just for You s/r
Nate Lieby I Don't Brush My Teeth and I Never Comb My Hair We're Not Kidding Snail Sounds Barry Louis Polisar tribute C
Thaddeus Rex You Can Tell a Boy by the Smell We Wanna Rock s/r
Mudhoney I like to Make Noise and Break THings Play! DeSoto C
Anne Dodson The Duchess at Tea Almost Grown s/r
Cornell Hurd Band DOn't Wipe Your Face on Your Shirt The Bottle Let Me Down Bloodshot C
Leeny and Steve Know What the Nos Are Be Nice s/r
Wendy Gelsanliter Cut Out the Racket I'm Hungry I Need a Band-Aid s/r