Her Jazz

with Maria

Thursday, September 16, 2004
15:00 to 17:00
playing the good musics
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
soundgarden hands all over louder than love A&M
six finger satellite race for space law of ruins sub pop
hot snakes LAX suicide invoice swami
cell tundra slo*blo DGC
the flow it swallowed the sun greatest hits shadoks / normal *
sweet fox on the run desolation boulevard
magazine light pours out of me real life virgin
constantines arizona s/t sub pop / three gut * R
arcade fire neighborbood (tunnels) 7" merge *
mekons chivalry fear and whiskey sin
REM just a touch lifes rich pageant IRS R
sympathizers jolly rancher 7" self released from philly! *
solex shoot shoot low kick and hard bop matador
brian and chris crossing 3 dielectric *
futureheads hounds of love s/t 679 this set was dj'ed by dominic
revelon 9 walking machine walking machine EP
unrest where are all those puerto rican boys cath carroll EP 4AD
blood on the wall when you go out walking s/t social registry
guided by voices tractor rape chain bee thousand matador R
the mice rescue you too for almost ever scooter scat YES! *
comsat angels total war its history nano
medicine aruca aruca EP creation
sugarcubes birthday lifes too good elektra
rosebuds kicks in the schoolyard make out merge