The All-Ages Show

with Paddy and Eddap

where we play music that's not just for grownups

Saturday, December 12, 2009
12:00 to 13:30
sponsored by Cotsen Children's Library

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
Bari Koral Dance All Day Rock and Roll Garden s/r it's cold and eddap is feeling lethargic, so we're gonna dance to try to get his blood moving
T. Lance and the Coctails Ab-Daba-Do Dance Greasy Kid Stuff Confidentail
Mickey McKool Shake A Bootie Who's Got the Monkey s/r
Hot Peas 'n Butter Baila/Dance Best of the Bowl s/r
Eric Herman and the Invisible Band Ants in Your Pants #99 What a Ride s/r
Zev Bluegrass Monkey Mixdown Bluegrass Monkey Mixdown s/r
Mr. Leebot Robot Dance Robot Dance s/r
The Vespers Barnyard Stomp We're Not Kidding Snail Sounds C
Peter Himmelman My Trampoline My Trampoline Mini Van
Neil Brewer and Friends Dodgeball Back in School s/r
Mary Kaye Hot Chocolate Fairy Music Box s/r
Big Jeff Warm for the Winter Warm for the Winter s/r
PaddyTales The Funny Thing Wanda G'ag read on air
Rick Scott Purple Elephant Making Faces s/r
Dave Rudolph T-Rex Song Stupendously Silly Skits, Songs and Stories s.r
Chris Hamilton My Pet Dragon Sticky Situations s/r
Lou Del Bianco Nikky, The Terror of the Family When I Was a Kid s/r
Jimmy G Pop I'm Totally Chihuahua Kids Totally Rock s/r
Mr. Ray George the Groovy Giraffe Songs from the Kids' Lounge s/r
Phredd Zoo in Space Phreddtastic s/r