MasterClassics with Tobias

with Tobias

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
06:00 to 08:30
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beethoven, ludwigsymphonie #3 (first 8 seconds only)nbc symphony orchestratoscaninin/alp: rca lm 6901-36:13
gottschalk, louissouvenirs d'andalousie; le mancenilliern/an/aIvan Davis (pno) perhaps the best gottschalk interpreterLP: london 414 438started about 6:03 a.m. EDT
moussorgsky, modestepictures at an exhibiton, last 2 piecesn/an/awilliam kapell (pno)6:16
rifkin, joshuathe epstien variationsn/an/amurray the klavierkitzler (j. riifkin)lp: elektra ekl 3066:25
liszt, franzun sospiron/an/avan cliburn (pno)lp: rca arl1-11736:31
bartok, belamicrocosomos pieces: 113, 129. 131, 128, 120n/a`n/abela bartok (pno)sony mpk 476766:40
dvorak, antoninpiano trio in f, op. 65beaux arts trion/an/aphilips 454 2606:50
beethoven, ludwigwaldstein sonata, in C, 1st mvt: op. 53n/an/aartur schnabel (1934)lp:rca lm 21577:04
schickele, peterlast tango in bayreuthtennessee bassoon quartetn/afour unlucky musicianstelarc 803077:15
beethoven, ludwigmoomlight sonata, first movememt, in c#, op. 27, #2n/an/aclaudio arrau (pno)lp: philips phs 900-0287:20
chopin, fredericnouvelle etude #2 in Aflat; prelude #3 in G; mazurka #25 in b, op. 33 #4n/an/amoriz rosenthal (pupil of liszt)appian 70027:35
chopin, fredericmazurka #25 in b, op. 33 #4; etude op. 10 # 7; etude op 25 #6 (thirds)n/an/aignaz friedmannaxos 8.1106847:43
rifkin, joshuathe royal beatleworks musicke, mbe 1963: 1st mvt, I want to hold our handbaroque ensemble of the merseyside kammermusikgesellschaftjoshua rifkinn/alp: ekl-3067:55
chopin, fredericsonata #2 in Bflat minor, op. 35, last mvt onlyn/an/amautizio pollinidg 415 346
chopin, fredericsonata #2 in Bflat minor, op. 35, last mvt onlyn/an/agarrick ohlssonar arz6628
chopin, fredericsonata #2 in Bflat minor, op. 35, last mvt onlyn/aan/aantonio barbosalp connoisseur cs 2026
chopin, fredericsonata #2 in Bflat minor, op. 35, last mvt onlyn/an/avlidimir horowitzlp: columbia ks 63718:13
grieg, edvardschmetterling (butterfly)n/an/agrieg (recorded 1904)intercord int 860.8558:15
mahler, gustavsymphony #5, 1st mvt, arr. for pianon/an/amahler (recorded 1905)!!intercord int 860.8558:18