the worried waltz

with thomas

Sunday, September 5, 2004
21:00 to 23:00
worried waltz
other shows

Artist Song Album Label
john cage dance no.1 for two amplified prepared pianos three dances angel
george antheil ballet mecanique fighting the waves rca
pierre schaeffer excerpt from suite for 14 instruments l'oeuvre musicale emf
bernard herrmann duel with the skeleton fantasy film world of bernard herrmann london
ennio morricone assasinio sul lago il serpente dagored
frank heintz fanfare & raga for bassoon & tape provocative electronics westminster
henk badings kain en abel excerpt popular electronics early dutch electronic music from philips research laboratories 1956-1963 basta
kid baltan song of the second moon/night train blues/colonel bogey popular electronics basta
henk badings ragtime/waltz popular electronics basta
tom dissevelt whirling popular electronics basta
beatles i am the walrus magical mystery tour apple
salvatore martirano ballad l's ga polydor
krzystof komeda main title from rosemarys baby complete recordings vol.19 polonia
brigitte fontaine tanka II comme a la radio saravah
david bowie scream like a baby scary monsters and super creeps rca
john cale wilson joliet honi soit a & m
iggy pop life of work zombie birdhouse animal
police spirits in the material world ghosts in the machine a & m
residents jack the boneless boy freak show ralph
holger hiller koniginnen as is mute
arthur russell another thought another thought point music
fred frith i want it to be over prints rer
tiger lillies mummy punch & judy misery guts
hugo ball karawane dada for now a collection of futurist and dada sound works ark
frank zappa/mothers of invention it can't happen here freak out verve
malicorne paysans sans peur/la blanche biche vox acousteak
godley & creme my body the car master series polydor
todd rundgren blue orpheus a capella warner brothers
einsturzende neubauten halber mensch 1/2 mensch mute
robert wyatt stalin wasn't stallin nothing can stop us gramavision
akira rabelais 1382 wyclif gen ii 7 spellewauerynsherde samadhisound
bjork oll birtan/submarine/oceania/ancestors/triumph of a heart medulla elektra