Her Jazz

with Maria T

There's No Crying In Inside Baseball

Friday, September 25, 2009
18:00 to 20:00
Pink Is My Favorite Color
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
sea saw microphone magnetophone simple machines
unrest june imperial ffrr teenbeat
judee sill enchanted sky machines live in london water
pip proud jumped in my rowboat one of these days emperor jones
moose i wantd to see you to see if i wanted you liquid makeup 12" cool badge
brown recluse night train the soft skin 12" slumberland playing at pilam tonight! *
ann byers dead end philly soul girls benn-x C
grenadine mexico big sky noplaitos simple machines
obits put it in writing once cross apiece stint performing live on WPRB during the drive!
scream no money down this side up dischord
gun outfit on the beach 7" post present medium
lamps javelin lamps in the red
finally punk ???? casual goths army of bad luck/germs of youth *
pacer tell you something pacer 10" remora/bear
the red krayola people get ready (the train's not coming) the red krayola drag city
vas deferens organization the matmos sweat your cheeses but not in my salad charne house
marianne nowottny & the all american band love is just a dream 7" sad gnome
ed palermo big band let's move to cleveland eddy loves frank cuneiform *
circus 2000 i am the witch circus 2000 vinyl magic
free energy free energy free energy 7" DFA
redd kross frosted flake neurotica five foot two/oglio reish of this great 87 record.
the revelons the way (you touch my hand) anthology sepia tone
los microwaves what's that got to do (with loving you?) life after breakfast posh boy
sanndreymi heating up a chain sanndreymi nano
john fahey dalhart, texas, 1967 america takoma