Her Jazz

with Maria

Thursday, September 2, 2004
15:00 to 17:00
playing the good musics
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
gary wilson gary saw linda kissing frank newark valley 12" stones throw *
numbers intercom (caro's stalker mix) death tigerbeat6 C
t. rex jeepster electric warrior reprise R
db's black and white stands for decibels albion love love love this song.
death cab for cutie photobooth forbidden love EP barsuk
tara jane oneil the poisoned mine you sound, reflect quaterstick *
sandie shaw hand in glove hand in glove EP rough trade smiths cover! for my fave sandie fan, sara.
ted leo & rx s/t walking through gern blandsten R
red house painters medicine bottle down colorful hill 4AD R
guided by voices a second spurt of growth half smiles of the decomposed matador im really sorry about GBV karaoke. * R
raincoats lola s/t rough trade i would have played this, even if it wasnt a request! R
cheap trick surrender heaven tonight epic shut up shut up and admit it -- you love this song too!
dartford renegades off the hook split w/ the little killers emperor norton a stones cover. * C
etta james two sides to every story chess sisters of soul chess C
caninus fear of dog (religious myths) now the animals have a voice war torn no, its really grindcore with dogs. DOGS! *
devo freedom of choice freedom of choice warner brothers
sparks this town aint big enough for the both of us kimono my house island
stationary odyssey dirty boots confuse yr idols narnack sonic youth tribute! * C
swans children of god children of god caroline
autechre hub chiastic slide warp
zeni geva nai-ha nai-ha skin graft
REM letter never sent reckoning IRS
natural history the progress chart s/t EP star time international
elf power kotton krown confuse yr idols narnack * R C
death of samantha roses rejoice come all ye faithless homestead