Scratchy Vinyl

with tim

wall drawing 1134 whirls and twirls princeton nj

Saturday, August 29, 2009
18:00 to 20:00
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ella fitzgeraldsunshine of your loveella.
au revoir simoneanother likely storystill night still lightour secret record co*
it hugs backnow and againnow and again4ad*
naomi sheltonwind your clocksingle 45daptone*
teh hedless horsemanjust yesterdayshakerenosaunce*
reingin soundstick up for melove and cursesin the red*
throw me at the statuehi fi gooncreaturesquesecretly canadianum i guess today is not my best spelling day thats the the headless horsemen (above)*
wye oaktattoothe knotmergeum again bove is mispelled actually the reining sound spellings on this latest entry thought im soore of it... i mean sure
pterodactyleasy piecesworld widebrohactually i mispelled above in that last comment but thats the last time everything else will be perfect..seriously i can do this *
vagina pantheri bet there are some burly dudes on that shipvagina pantherself releasedgeez they self release an album and i cant even type ..*
funstigators cdcalifornia sunfunstigators cdself releasedum the name of this band isnt funsitigators cd its just the funstigators
the pebbleslast train to clarksvillethree in a cellcbs
kasabianunderdogwest ryder pauper lunatic asylumr ca*
whales and copsfutro futrogreat bouncing icebergshigh twoum ok now my tie is caught in a turntable aaaggg cant breath why did i wear a suit to play records ahh there i got it un freee
tommy james and shondellscrimson and clover40 yearsrhino
drive by truckerstwo daughters and a beautiful wifebrighter than crations darknew west
nudgeharmoas good as gonekranks
coldcutatomic moog mixzenninjatime
april marchsomeone up abovetrigger,
west indian girlwhat are you afraid of..
beautiful peoplethe seaif the 60's were the 90'sessential records
wax poeticangelsnublu sessionsultra records
oliva newton christlhbchillout 20o3netwerk productions C
coyotequeitlyoutsideshde records
the court and the sparkst john the evangalistwithc seasonabsoluteley kosher records
the twin atlasversionsgood lighttappersize*