Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

...subbing for Ghetto Blaster w/Jesse

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
17:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
RJD2 The Horror The Horror ep Definitive Jux 2003
Kinky Tachimaripedoncococongo Barracuda Kin Kon 2009
Danger Doom Space ho's The Mouse and the mask Epitaph 2005 R
Public Enemy Raise the roof Yo! Bum rush the show Def Jam 1987
Junior Senior Shake your coconuts (DFA remix) The DFA remixes, chapter two DFA/Astralwerks 2007 R
DJ Shadow Blood on the motorway Th Private press MCA 2002
The KLF 3 A.M. Eternal The White room Arista 1991
3rd Bass Word to the third Derelicts of dialect Def Jam 1991
Cex Signal Katied Being ridden Temporary Residence 2003
Steinski Voice mail (Sugar Hill suite) What does it all mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective Illegal Art 2008
Holger Hiller Die blätter, die blätter... Obem im eck Mute 1986
Prince Forever in my life Sign o'the times Paisley Park 1987
The Capricorns Nintendo song In the zone Paroxysm 2001
Strawberry Switchblade Little river Strawberry Switchblade Korova 1985
A Certain Ratio Forced laugh To each... Universal Sound 1981
The Jesus & Mary Chain Deep one perfect morning Darklands Warner Brothers 1986
Sun Kil Moon Neverending math equation Tiny cities Caldo verde 2005
Joker's Daughter Chasing the crocodile The Last laugh Team Love 2009 *
Dreamdate How low are you? Patience Skywriting 2009 *
The Royal Chains No love in your punches "Crime scene"/"No love in your punches" (7" single) Plays With Dolls 2008
Cave Gamm Psychic Psummer Important 2009 *
Blues Control Good morning Local flavor Siltbreeze 2009 *
The Laureates Witching boots "I want to miss you" (7" ep) self-released 2007
The Poison Arrows Fire up the happiness center First class, and forever FIle 13 2009 *
Double Dagger Neon gray More Thrill Jockey 2009 *
Dinosaur Jr. Ocean in the way Farm Jagjaguwar 2009 *