The Clothesline

with Wright

Monday, August 23, 2004
11:00 to 14:00
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Artist Song Album Label
Marion Brown Once Upon a Time Geechee Recollections Impulse/ABC
Ramuntcho Matta Ne Domino One Made to Measure
Hal Russell/Mars Williams Odoriferous Flambeaus of the Paranymphs Eftsoons Nessa
Melvin Jackson Silver Cycles Funky Skull Limelight
Don Cherry Elephantasy Complete Communion Blue Note
Bill Bruford Back to the Beginning Feels Good To Me Polydor
Tom Waits Potter's Field Foreign Affairs Asylum
The Liverpool Scene Tramcar to Frankenstein "Amazing Adventures of" RCA
Doug Hammond/David Durrah Fidalgo Detour Reflection in the Sea of Nurnen Tribe
Rhys Chatham Guitar Trio Die Donnergotter Dossier
Ned Rothenberg/Elliott Sharp/Sam Bennett Terra Firma Semantics Rift
John Butcher/Gino Robair/Matthew Sperry Garganta 12 Milagritos Spool
Tony Williams Extras Spring Blue Note
Herbert Joos Ballad 2 Still Life Extraplatte
Keith Rowe/Jeffrey Morgan Dynatron with Electric Seats Dial: Log-Rhythm Matchless
Edgard Varese Ionisation The Varese Record Finnadar
Derek Bailey/Tristan Honsinger The Shadow Duo Incus
Jack Wright Piano Solo Free Life, Singing Spring Garden St.