with Elizabeth

Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Rachel's even/odd Systems/Layers Quarterstick
Clientele Bicycles A Fading Summer [EP] March
The Smiths Cemetry Gates The Queen Is Dead Rough Trade
Shell Perfectly Good Sugar Shell Is Swell Abaton
The Dirty Three I Really Should've Gone Out Last Night Whatever You Love, You Are Touch & Go
Belle & Sebastian Judy & The Dream of Horses If You're Feeling Sinister Matador/Jeepster
The Magnetic Fields Saddest Story Ever Told The Wayward Bus/ Plastic Trees Pop-Up
The Beat Happening Secret Picnic Spot Music to Climb Apple Trees By K Recs
Photon Band Runaways Oh the Sweet, Sweet Changes Darla
A Band of Bees Punchbag Sunshine Hit Me Astralwerks
Einsturzende Neubauten Die Explosion Im Festspielhaus Ende Neu Nothing
The Music Lovers This World Vs. The Next World Cheap Songs Tell the Truth [EP] Marriage/LGM full-length out soon *
Pete Seeger Intro to/Acres of Clams Pete Seeger Sing Along (Live at Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, Mass 1980) Smithsonian Folkways
Dave Van Ronk Green, Green Rocky Road ...and the tin pan bended and the story ended... Smithsonian Folkways *
The Postal Service Such Great Heights Give Up Sub Pop R
Her Space Holiday My Girlfriend's Boyfriend The Young Machines Mush * R
Washington Social Club River & The Road Catching Looks Badman *
Fred Frith & Toychestra When To Rewind What Leave Behind SK *
Holgar Czukay Invisible Man Good Morning Story Tone Casualities of Can
The Residents Kaw-liga Stars & Hank Forever East Side Digital Hank Williams/John Philip Sousa, all-Residentsy & weird
Phono Comb & Jad Fair Too Sweet to Be Forgotten Monsters, Lullabies... Shake/CBC Jad Fair (Half-Japanese)
Fred Frith & Toychestra Fellini What Leave Behind SK *
Meredith Monk View 2 Turtle Dreams ECM beautiful vocal, odd technique. awesome.
The Mountain Goats Pure Honey Protein Source For the Future, Now! aJAX
Secrets Machines First Wave Intact Now Here Is Nowhere Reprise *
Jonathan Richman They're Not Trying On The Dancefloor Having a Party With Jonathan Richman Rounder
Ennio Morricone & V/A A Gringo Like Me Ennio Morricone/The Legendary Italian Westerns: The Film omposer's Series, Vol. II BMG from Gunfight At Red Sands
Bobby Conn & The GLass Gypsies Home Sweet Home The Homeland Thrill Jockey tie-in with theme above...
Atom & His Package I'm DOwnright Amazed AT WHat I Can Destroy With Just a Hammer Hamburgers [EP] File 13 inspirational
Rufus Thomas The World Is Round Complete Stax/Volt Singles: 1959-68, Vol. V Atlantic Group/east west
Kid Koala Skanky Panky Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs Ninja Tune some of my best friends are ninjas
The Crainium The Roles we play, a dead-ended game. we have to change. create and rearrange. the roles we play, they are a dead-ended game A New Music for a New Kitchen Slowdime blended into Kid Koala above by yrs truly for last minute & half
The Damned Neat Neat Neat Sessions of The Damned
The Crainium There are no rabbits in my hat. (yes, yes, yes, i am a traitor to my sex!) A New Music for a New Kitchen Slowdime DC band, now gone. vocals are male. male is feminist, or something
Run D.M.C. Hard Times Run D.M.C. Profile sucka mcs of 1984; w/ Jay Master J, RIP
Chet Baker But Not For Me Sings, Plays Gershwin tune
Elvis Costello Watching the Detectives 2 & 1/2 Years (in 31 minutes) Arista
Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five Scorpio The Sugar Hill Records Story: Disc 3 Rhino roboty roborap. robot.
The Ruins Warrido Vrresto Sonore ancient ruins of a non-existent language
The Microphones Cover Me Up Window Yo Yo