The All-Ages Show

with Paddy and Eddap

where we play music that's not just for grownups

Saturday, June 6, 2009
12:00 to 13:30
sponsored by Cotsen Children's Library

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments
Starfish Zoo Train Starfish s/r Eddap's excited. After today's show, he's going to the zoo. How's he gonna get there?
Ken Sheldon Old MacDonald Had a Zoo Ice Cream Soup s/r
Dennis Caraher Unusual Zoo I Miss the Mud s/r
Mr. Ray Zibby the the Zebra Start Dreaming s/r
Phredd Orangutan Everybody Get Happy s/r
Artichoke Giraffe 26 Animals s/r CD and book
Brian Vogan Animal ABCs Little Songs s/r
Recess Monkey Knocktopus Field Trip s/r
Billy Gorilly The Googlebird, the Clumberclaw and Frazzlefrack Happy Birthday Gertie s/r
Jimmy G Pop Mighty Fino the Rhino Kids Totally Rock s/r
Kenny Young and the Eggplants Lushy the Grouse Arrrr! s/r
Paddytales Beverly Billingsley Takes a Bow Alexander Stadler read on air
Cincinnati University Singers I Wants to be a Actors Lady I Wants to Be a Actors Lady New World Records
Tom Chapin Putting on a Show Making Good Noise Sundance Music
Jim Copp and Ed Brown Miss Goggins and her Troupe Flibbertigibbets on Parade Playhouse Records