The Clothesline

with Wright

Monday, August 9, 2004
11:00 to 14:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Spiritual Energy Collective Featuring the one and only Jim Eichinger. Long live Jim. Drum Jam,iNVISIBLE mANIAC, Black, Funky Rhodes, New Rags, Over and Over, Babylon System, Incognito, Tribal Drumming Summer Solstice '82, Live @ John and Peter's I Like Eich Jim passed away on Sunday, 8/8/04. This edition of the Clothesline is dedicated to him.
S.E.C. mit Jim Eichinger U.S. Steal/Incognito 7" Publick Domain
Arrested Development(The one that featured Jim Eichinger AND came before the more famous band with the same name Babylon System,?,I Have to Go, Joe Z's Happy Calypso song, Incognito, ?, either invisible maniac or Black Arrested Development Unreleased Don't know all the song names, it's copied from a cassette
Tibetan Bowlers w/ Mr. Jim Eichinger Gestern Abend, On Fier 7/18/91 at the Ciderhouse Beer Frame
Albert Ayler Spirits Rejoice Spirits Rejoice ESP
Sun Ra Space is The Place Concert For The Comet Kahoutek ESP Bon Voyage Jim!