Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

featuring the weekly Warped Moment at 6pm

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
17:00 to 19:00
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DinowalrusElectric car, gas guitar"Electric car, gas guitar"/"Cage those pythons" (7" single)self-released2009
dddJealous"Jealous"/"Knives" (7" single)One Hundred2006
EfterklangCaravan"Caravan"/"The House on Mammoth Hill" (7" single)Leaf2008
Pink SkullAttention radioBlast yr akkTone Arm2005
Corba VerdeRiot in the foodcourtHaven't slept all yearScat2009*
The Ski InstructorsKids on the street"Kids on the street"/"Horoscope" (7" single)Dulc-i-Tone2008
GrowingHorizon drift"Discomfirm"/"Horizon drift" (7" single)The Social Registry2007
Guinea WormsLost and found"Lost and found"/"Jeans and heels" (7" single)Savage2008
A Sunny Day in GlasgowSometimes I think about youSearching for the Now 3 (split 7" single w/The Sunny Street)Slumberland2008
Windy & CarlSunriseAntarcticaDarla1997R
The MuldoonsZombiesThe MuldoonsCass2007
The Riff RandellsLethal lipgloss"Lethal lipgloss"/"Mississippi hott dog" (7" single)No Dancing2005?...clear yellow vinyl
LookerAfter my divorce"After my divorce"/"Master went away" (7" single)Serious Business2007
The Harry Kari ConnectionHaunted"I can't sleep" (7" ep)Duophonic Super 45's2007...label run by Stereolab
The 'MericansThreadbareWhere all dead leaves goself-released2009*
Joan Of ArcEventually, all at once"Many times I've mistaken"/"Eventually, all at once" (7" single)Polyvinyl2007...solid white vinylR
Effi BriestThe Newly-wed song"Mirror rim"/"The Newly-wed song" (7" single)Loog2008..Jim Peppers cover
Constantines, with FeistIslands in the stream"Islands in the stream"/"Trans Canada" (7" single)Arts & Crafts2008...brown splash vinyl...Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton cover
Private EntertainmentThe DreamFour tracks (7" ep)White Denim2008...clear vinyl*
It Hugs BackWork day"Work day"/"Take apart" (7" single)4AD2008*
Man ManLittle torments"Little torments"/"Snakecharmer" (7" single)Obey Your Brain2008....clear orange vinyl
City CenterGold girls"Gold girls"/"Bray (all day)" (7" single)Invisible Friend2008...solid white vinyl
Wounded LionCarol cloud"Carol cloud"/"Pony people" (7" single)S-S2008*
Latitude/LongitudeMother evening"Solar filters"/"Mother evening" (7" single)Transmission Arts2007
Real NumbersRadio world"Radio world"/"Hang around with me" (7" single)Three Dimensional2008
Dan Melchior und Das MenaceShe's so blank"She's so blank"/"Certainly 14th St." (7" single)Almost Ready2008
Caspar Giles McCloudMake you feel like you're mine"Messin' around"/"Make you feel like you're mine" (7" single)Vinyl Countdownrecorded in the '70s...backed by 10CC...reissued 2008*
The DirtbombsNo expectationssplit 7" w/The Love SupremesNorton2004...part of Rolling Stones covers 7"s
Them, Themselves or TheySunshineRibbons & bows...Angel dust & Magick wands (7" ep)Malt Duck2008*
NodzzzI don't wanna (smoke marijuana)"I don't wanna (smoke marijuana)"/"We are the only animals" (7" single)Make A Mess2008*
KaputtWater makes the blades blunt"Family tree"/"Water makes the blades blunt" (7" single)Too Pure2008
Die Die DieSideways here we come"Sideways here we come"/"People talk" (7" single)Too Pure2008
MattressMirror"Have you heard?"/"Mirror" (7" single)Malt Duck2008*
Letters From LondonLittle Vagabond"Little Vagabond"/"Sir Walter's Sunday lemons" (7" single)(Shoot Low They're Riding Shetlands)2008
EphrymePunklezmerap"Punklezmerap"/"Where the heart is" (7" single)K2008*
ApacheBoys life"Boys life"/"Crystal clear" (7" single)Douchemasterrecorded 1976?..released 2006
Vera NovemberRed dream"Red dream"/"A Mounthful of pebbles" (7" single)Too Pure2007
The CarbonasBlackout waiting to happen"Blackout waiting to happen" (7" ep)Douchemaster2004