Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

featuring the weekly Warped Moment at 6pm

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
17:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Dinowalrus Electric car, gas guitar "Electric car, gas guitar"/"Cage those pythons" (7" single) self-released 2009
ddd Jealous "Jealous"/"Knives" (7" single) One Hundred 2006
Efterklang Caravan "Caravan"/"The House on Mammoth Hill" (7" single) Leaf 2008
Pink Skull Attention radio Blast yr akk Tone Arm 2005
Corba Verde Riot in the foodcourt Haven't slept all year Scat 2009 *
The Ski Instructors Kids on the street "Kids on the street"/"Horoscope" (7" single) Dulc-i-Tone 2008
Growing Horizon drift "Discomfirm"/"Horizon drift" (7" single) The Social Registry 2007
Guinea Worms Lost and found "Lost and found"/"Jeans and heels" (7" single) Savage 2008
A Sunny Day in Glasgow Sometimes I think about you Searching for the Now 3 (split 7" single w/The Sunny Street) Slumberland 2008
Windy & Carl Sunrise Antarctica Darla 1997 R
The Muldoons Zombies The Muldoons Cass 2007
The Riff Randells Lethal lipgloss "Lethal lipgloss"/"Mississippi hott dog" (7" single) No Dancing 2005?...clear yellow vinyl
Looker After my divorce "After my divorce"/"Master went away" (7" single) Serious Business 2007
The Harry Kari Connection Haunted "I can't sleep" (7" ep) Duophonic Super 45's 2007...label run by Stereolab
The 'Mericans Threadbare Where all dead leaves go self-released 2009 *
Joan Of Arc Eventually, all at once "Many times I've mistaken"/"Eventually, all at once" (7" single) Polyvinyl 2007...solid white vinyl R
Effi Briest The Newly-wed song "Mirror rim"/"The Newly-wed song" (7" single) Loog 2008..Jim Peppers cover
Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man. Motherhood "Motherhood"/"Fatherhood" Transgressive 2007
Constantines, with Feist Islands in the stream "Islands in the stream"/"Trans Canada" (7" single) Arts & Crafts 2008...brown splash vinyl...Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton cover
Private Entertainment The Dream Four tracks (7" ep) White Denim 2008...clear vinyl *
It Hugs Back Work day "Work day"/"Take apart" (7" single) 4AD 2008 *
Man Man Little torments "Little torments"/"Snakecharmer" (7" single) Obey Your Brain 2008....clear orange vinyl
City Center Gold girls "Gold girls"/"Bray (all day)" (7" single) Invisible Friend 2008...solid white vinyl
Wounded Lion Carol cloud "Carol cloud"/"Pony people" (7" single) S-S 2008 *
Latitude/Longitude Mother evening "Solar filters"/"Mother evening" (7" single) Transmission Arts 2007
Real Numbers Radio world "Radio world"/"Hang around with me" (7" single) Three Dimensional 2008
Dan Melchior und Das Menace She's so blank "She's so blank"/"Certainly 14th St." (7" single) Almost Ready 2008
Caspar Giles McCloud Make you feel like you're mine "Messin' around"/"Make you feel like you're mine" (7" single) Vinyl Countdown recorded in the '70s...backed by 10CC...reissued 2008 *
The Dirtbombs No expectations split 7" w/The Love Supremes Norton 2004...part of Rolling Stones covers 7"s
Them, Themselves or They Sunshine Ribbons & bows...Angel dust & Magick wands (7" ep) Malt Duck 2008 *
Nodzzz I don't wanna (smoke marijuana) "I don't wanna (smoke marijuana)"/"We are the only animals" (7" single) Make A Mess 2008 *
Kaputt Water makes the blades blunt "Family tree"/"Water makes the blades blunt" (7" single) Too Pure 2008
Die Die Die Sideways here we come "Sideways here we come"/"People talk" (7" single) Too Pure 2008
Mattress Mirror "Have you heard?"/"Mirror" (7" single) Malt Duck 2008 *
Letters From London Little Vagabond "Little Vagabond"/"Sir Walter's Sunday lemons" (7" single) (Shoot Low They're Riding Shetlands) 2008
Ephryme Punklezmerap "Punklezmerap"/"Where the heart is" (7" single) K 2008 *
Apache Boys life "Boys life"/"Crystal clear" (7" single) Douchemaster recorded 1976?..released 2006
Vera November Red dream "Red dream"/"A Mounthful of pebbles" (7" single) Too Pure 2007
The Carbonas Blackout waiting to happen "Blackout waiting to happen" (7" ep) Douchemaster 2004