The Clothesline

with Wilbo

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
13:00 to 15:00
other shows

Artist Song Album Label New
SF Seals 8's Now Here Matador
The Sea and Cake Jacking The Ball S/T Thrill Jockey
Retsin 3 Chords For Greta The Ida Retsin Family Volume 1 Muss My Hair
Jeremy Boyle Zeppelin Songs From Guitar Solos Southern
Magnetic Fields Please Stop Dancing Distortion Nonesuch
Experimental Aircraft The Pod S/T Devil in The Woods
Hot Snakes This Mystic Decade Peel Sessions Swami
The Celibate Rifles Cuttin' it Fine Spaceman in a Satin Suit Hot
Chrome Cranks Street Waves Diabolical Boogie Atavistic
New Radiant Storm King The Winding Staircase The Steady Hand Darla
The Party of Helicopters +8 Sack of Fear Space... and How Sweet it Was Troubleman Unlimited
Sholi Out of Orbit S/T 1/4 Stick *
Pavement Oddity Brighten The Corners Matador *
Volcano Suns Jazz Odyssey All Night Lotus Party Merge *
Cut Off Your Hands Nostalgia You and I Frenchkiss *
Pere Ubu Not Happy terminal Tower Twin Tone
Sun City Girls Black Tent Valentines From Matahari Majora
Armpit Track 5 Tron Last Visible Dog *
Full Fathom Five I Want to Run For President Paingiver Link
The Gravedigger 5 She's Gone All Black and Hairy Voxx
The Spiny Anteaters Soundcheck 7" Baby Universe
The United States of America Garden of Earthly Delights Psychedelic Dream Columbia
Appalachian Death Ride Firefly 7" Anyway
Steel Beauttah and The Limit What's That Sound Afro Rock vol. 2, 7" Sampler Kona
Dub Narcotic Sound System Mega-Clash(version) Hand Clappin' K
Notekillers Roll Over Stockhausen S/T Ecstatic Peace
The Black Lips Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo Vice
The Mice Second Best For Almost Ever Scooter Scat
Puple Ivy Shadows Circleye 7" spinART