Transitional Soundscapes

with DJ TM5

Industrial Cereal sounds like noize when you add milk

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
21:00 to 23:00
electronic / industrial
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Artist Song Album Label Request Comp
Pygmy Children Recoil Wired Injections Cleopatra C
Die Form Deep Inside (remix) Club Bizarre 1 SPV C
Decoded Feedback Burn Europe Burn Shockwave Metropolis
Clock DVA Cypher ( Glyph ) Collective n/a
Crunch - O - Matic Slaughter House Caution Do Not Play Smash Records
Front Line Assembly Digital Tension Dementia ( Contagion Mix ) Reclamation Roadrunner
Soma Eterna Phoenix Rises ( Album version ) n/a n/a
Virgo Four In A Vision Warp 10+1 Influences Warp C
LFO LFO ( Leeds Warehouse Mix ) Warp 10+2 Classics 89-92 Warp C
Polygon Window Quoth Surfing On Sinewaves Warp
B12 Phett Time Tourist Warp
Mr. Finger Can You Feel It? Warp 10+1 Influences Warp C
Aphex Twin Window Licker Window Licker Warp R
I.A.O. The Clan Artificial Intelligence Warp C
Combichrist DNA AM Bodybeat Out Of Line
Charles Atlas Strageties For Success boxes Fabricate n/a
Synaptic Defect Wake Up! Buried Dreams Mechanical Oppression BLC
Spahn Ranch Locusts n/a n/a
Project Pitchfork Hunted Eon: Eon Metropolis
Pretty In Velvet Higher The Remains Of The Heart Pretty In Velvet LLC R
Michele Sainte Dream Maker n/a n/a