the all-ages show

with Pat

Not just for grown-ups

Saturday, July 31, 2004
13:00 to 15:00
Fun tunes, a storytime and more; no ID needed

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments Request Comp
Geof Johnson Going on a Picnic Songs for all Seasons s/r Eddap packed a picnic basket for today's show -- wonder if there's anything edible
Kit and Kaboodle Going on a Picnic Off the Wall s/r
The Persuasions Teddy Bear's Picnic That's What Little Girls Are Made Of MFLP R C
Gary Rosen Sing Ho for the Life of a Bear/Teddy Bear's Picnic Teddy Bear's Picnic s/r CD giveaway - congratulations to Eric from Watchung!
Peter Alsop Sandwiches What'd Ya Wanna Do? s/r
Billy Jonas Watermelon What Kind of Cat Are You? s/r
David Fry The Ants Go Marching Shake It s/r
Madeline The Ants are Coming Sing Along with ... Koch
Gunnar Madsen Ants in My Patns Ants in My Pants G-Spot
Kit and Kaboodle Yankee Doodle Off the Wall s/r dedicated to Jay R
Paddytales Diary of a Worn Doreen Cronin read on the air
C. Shells Glorious Worms Animal Tails s/r
Anne-Louise Sterry Nobody Likes Us Making Ravioli s/r
Kathleen Gibson Whiney Worms Why Can't I Be Normal? s/r
Tony Burello There's a New Sound (The Sound of Worms) Only in America arf arf DVD giveaway - Popular Mechanics for Kids: Slither and Slime - congratulations Steve from Dover, Del. R C
Kenny Young and the Eggplants It's a Worm's Life The Search for Eggplantis coney Island Records
Maureen Carr It's a Worm's Day Out Alukaleigh Lutz s/r
Rosie Emery Slip Slithery Dee Coming up Rosie s/r
Judy & David Be a Snake Livin' in a Shoe Tanglewood
David Israel Catepillar Songs for Children of All Ages s/r
Hot Soup A Much Better View of the Moon Soup Happens s/r
Mike Vreeland Full Moon Oasis Acoustic Oasis C
Green Chili Jam Band Captain of the Moon Starfishing s/r
Kevin Kane Wiggle Wiggle If You Want a Donut s/r