the worried waltz

with kranke valse

Sunday, December 28, 2008
22:00 to 00:00
worried waltz
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Artist Song Album Label
schoenberg madonna pierrot lunaire sony
john cage williams mix ohm ellipsis arts
pierre schaeffer excerpt from suite pour 14 instruments l'oeuvre musicale musidisc
harry partch the letter music of cri
harry partch the street harry partch new world
moondog sadness moondog 2 columbia
harry geller subway polka new york,new york rca
andre popp java delirium in hi-fi basta
e.e. cummings laughing to find reads his collected poetry 1943-1958 caedmon
ken nordine confessions of 349-18-5171 best of word jazz vol.1 rhino
earle doud children's concert sounds/funny epic
il gruppo lip service cantata the private sea of dreams rca
jean dubuffet gai savoir musical experiences finnadar
william longborough for the big horn highlights of vortex folkways
boris blacher excerpts from abstract opera no.1 boris blacher mace
beatles what's the new mary jane strawberry fields forever nems
david bowie please mr. gravedigger deram anthology 1966-1968 deram
zappa/mothers plastic people absolutely free verve
captain beefheart & his magic band the dust blows forward n the dust blows back trout mask replica reprise
mort garson/jacques wilson the wozard of iz an electronic odyssey the wozard of is an electronic odyssey el
john baker excerpts from john baker tapes volumes 1 & 2 bbc radiophonics 1954-1985 trunk
brian eno kurt's rejoinder before & after science editions eg
moebius & plank news rastakraut pasta sky
kraftwerk numbers computer world elektra
laurie anderson from the air big science nonesuch
robert ashley buddy perfect lives private parts lovely music
charles amirkhanian dot bunch mental radio cri
art of noise a time for fear who's afraid who's afraid of? ztt
bill laswell upright man baselines celluloid
holger czukay bankel rap 82 der osten ist rot virgin
holger hiller warm glass oben im eck mute
23 skidoo urban gamelan excerpt urban gamelan illuminated
frank zappa beltway bandits jazz from hell ryko
david bowie wishful beginnings outside virgin
scott walker rosary tilt drag city
scott walker a lover loves the drift 4ad
david sylvian how little we need to be happy blemish samadhisound
albert marcoeur le gosse et les pianos ma vie avec elles baillemont
corey dargel song from big lake a film by thomas little soundtrack ?
george korein quiet now/the world is your ashtray too many days peacific
naked mall rats forensics camp was fun somewhere on the internet
2 x 2 killing floor excerpt comp3 ?
parenthetical girls gut symmetries entanglements tomlab
monkey confessions of a pig journey to the west xl
idle tigers put your trousers on the spirit salon le grand magistery
momus widow twanky/the vaudevillian joemus american patchwork