Her Jazz

with Maria

happy birthday to me

Thursday, July 22, 2004
15:00 to 17:00
playing the good musics
other shows

spentexcuse my while i drink myself to deathold enough to know bettermerge*C
the slitsFMcutisland
the raincoatsyou're a millionthe raincoatsdgcreissue of their classic record, sadly out of print also, i think.
the curejumping someone elses trainthe last stiff compilation until...stiffRC
sonic youthshe is not alonesonic youthssttheir first record.
the jamdown in the tube station at midnightall mod conspolydor
the shangri-la'sgive him a great big kissleader of the packsurprise
the pandoraswant need loveits about timevoxx
gentlemenit's a cry'n shameft worth scene volume 3norton*C
the fluidour love will still be theregluesub popa troggs cover
guided by voicesechoes myronbee thousandmatador
liliputdc-10s/tkill rock starsreissue of this amazing band
the go-betweenspeople knowsend me a lullabyrough trade
the arcade fireneighborhood #1 (tunnels)7"merge*
the chillspink frosttuataraflying nunC
a certain ratioback to the startto eachuniversal sound*
devouncontrollable urgeurgh! a music wara&mhow weird is it that devo are playing central park tomorrow?RC
fat dayband 2burrega!100% breakfast
big boysheartbeatthe skinny elvistouch & go
sham 69family lifetell us the truthsire
heliumwhat institution are you from?superball +matadori believe this EP is out of print. this particular song is my favorite of theirs.
beulahif you can land a man on the moon rock then surely win your heartwhen your heartstrings breaksugar free
seamstage 2000the problem with metouch & go
the trouble with sweeneyevelyn rochmanfishtown briefcaseburnt toast vinyli once played with mr. sweeney in a kinks cover band called CHERRY COKE!*
giant sandvalley of rainvalley of rainenigmai woudl really like this record for my birthday
silkwormmotel blues...his absence is a blessingstampedea loudon wainwright III cover.
superchunkfreaks in chargeold enough to know bettermergehappy birthday merge!*