Her Jazz

with Maria T

Post-Proving Itself To Your Sorry Ass

Friday, October 31, 2008
18:00 to 20:30
Pink Is My Favorite Color
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
the shaggs it's halloween philosophy of the world rounder
runaway train runaway train runaway train ash international 1948 recording of a real-life runaway train! check the transcript here: http://www.snowcrest.net/marnells/runtrans.htm
text of light knitting factory text of light starlight furniture co. alan licht, lee ranaldo, william hooker, ulrich krieger, dj olive, christian marclay
the tall dwarfs the brain that wouldn't die tuatara flying nun C
bronx river parkway song for ray san sebastian 152 truth & soul / candela *
halloween, alaska i can't live without my radio too tall to hide east side digital
the cramps she said bad music for bad people IRS R
venom in league with satan welcome to hell earmark
cleft palate brain squeeze 12" RD3 ex-scornflakes? circa 86
ruin life after life fiat lux meta meta
severed heads the bladders of a thousand bedoin [sic] city slab horror ink
sonic youth death valley '69 bad moon rising homestead / blast first
the sonics witch here are the sonics ettiquette
the sonics don't be afraid of the dark boom ettiquette
slant 6 inzombia inzombia dischord
babes in toyland boto(w)rap spanking machine twin/tone
wolf eyes my recipe is lust fortune dove bulb
girlschool race with the devil hit & run stiff
unsane urge to kill singles 89-92 matador they have the most disgusting album covers ever!
ed wood one who prowls the lonely streets at night orgy of the dead strangelove soundtrack to his 1965 film
tuxedomoon no tears tuxedomoon jem
live skull x with the light dusted homestead R
these are powers funeral xylophone 7" elsie & jack R
teenage jesus & the jerks the closet everything atavistic
guv'ner spectral worship spectral worship merge