The Clothesline

with Wilbo

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
13:00 to 15:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
Add N to X Electric Village Loud Like Nature Mute
Deerhoof Dummy Discards a Heart Apple O Kill Rock Stars
Calexico El Gatillo(Trigger Revisited) Carried to Dust 1/4 Stick *
April March and Los Cincos Theme For The Lime Cafe April March and Los Cincos Sympathy For The Record Industry
Von Hayes Fort Lords Evident Eyelid State Capital *
Big Dipper She's Fetching Heavens Homestead
Dumptruck Wire For The Country Big Time
Naked Raygun I Don't Know Throb Throb Homestead
Celibate Rifles Bill Bonney Regrets The Turgid Miasma of Existence Rough Trade
Helios Creed Nirbasion Annasion The Last Laugh Amphetamine Reptile
Godspeed You Black Emperor Sleep Lift Yous Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven Kranky
Virgil Moorefield Wished I'd Thought of it Sooner/Follow The Wrecking Ball The Temperature in Hell is Over Three Thousand Degrees Tzadik
Don Caballero Awe Man That's Jive Skip Punkgasm Relapse *
Steinski Jazz What Does it All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective Illegal Art *
Bellrays Fire on The Moon Vital Gesture Uppercut
Coughs Bunny Slope Secret Passage Load
The Karl Hendricks Trio Heart of Steel Buick Electra Peas Kor
Erase Errata Tax Dollar Nightlife Kill Rock Stars
Euphone Countdown Lakewood After Hours
The Dentists The Sun in The Sands The Dentists 10" Independent Project
Destroyer My Favorite Year Trouble in Dreams Merge
Klaatu Calling Occupants Klaatu Capitol
Six Finger Satellite The Well-Tempered Monkey Machine Cuisine 10" Sub Pop
Blues Magoos Heartbreak Hotel Never Goin' Back To Georgia abc
Malinke Tribe War Song African Music Folkways