The Clothesline

with Wilbo

Monday, September 8, 2008
21:00 to 00:00
other shows

Artist Song Album Label New Comp
Clark Terry/ Sonny Russo Quintet Looks Like We're Swinging Still Music Minus One Drummer Delights MMO
Han Bennink Traps Tempo Comodo Data
Ake Hodell Spirit of Ecstasy(Racing Car Opera) Spirit of Ecstasy/The Way to Nepal Caprice
Hudson and Landry Ajax Liquor Store Hanging in There Dore
Last Exit Line of Fire Cassette Recordings Celluloid
Jalaluddin Mansur Nuriddin Parting Company Last Poets: Oh My People Celluloid
Paul Rutherford Noita Neila The Gentle Harm of The Bourgeoisie Emanem
Totem Austenized Solar Forge ESP *
Steven Wright 7's and Museums I Have a Pony WB
Shot X Shot Overlay Let Nature Square High Two *
Flying Luttenbachers Murder Machine Muzak Revenge of The Flying Luttenbachers Skin Graft
Henny Youngman Panhandlers and The Ponies Take My Album, Please! Waterhouse
Ken Hyder's Talisker Drum Salute and Lament For Joe Hyder Humanity Impetus
Peter Evans Quartet The 3/4 Tune The Peter Evans Quartet Firehouse 12
Bill Laswell Barricade Baselines Elektra Musician
Roscoe Mitchell Oobina The Roscoe Mitchell Solo Concert Sackville
Julius Hemphill Quartet Heart Flat-Out Jump Suite Black Saint
Katharine Norman Hard Cash (and Small Dreams of Change) Sonic Circuits 5 Innova C
James Zitro Freeken Zitro ESP
Gisburg Mic 'n' Drums No Stranger Not at All Tzadik
Tod Dockstader Piece 3 Eight Electronic Pieces Locust