Clean Yr Her Jazz

with Maria T

Filling in for Art & Julia

Monday, August 11, 2008
19:00 to 21:00
Pink Is My Favorite Color
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
douglas armour fall apart again the light of the golden day, the arms of the night the social registry *
amon duul kaskados minnelied psychedelic underground repertoire
rip off wild jane 7" rip off records
exibit a yippi-i-o 8 essential attitudes frantic C
the gynecologists infant doe hoosier psychopaths gulcher
the hospitals hairdryer peace hairdryer peace self released *
the jetsons i bet not red snerts gulcher C
autobody speake autobody silly bird
proto-kaw reunion in the mountains of sarne early recordings from kansas 1971-73 cuneiform
plum control 7" spirit music industries
mattress don't forget heavy duty reluctant *
avail upward grind satiate lookout
kolla kestaa kirjoituksia kellarista powerpearls vol 2 C
crystal stilts crippled croon crystal stilts self released *
roy wood nancy sing me a song boulders united artists
dan sartrain this is how they beat you down 7" bent rail foundation
the shining path full throttle lover chocolate gasoline 12" holy mountain *
arcwelder all in good time everest touch & go
wayne coyne i want to kill my brother: the cymbal head guitarrorists no. 6 / caroline C
clawhammer moonlight on vermont cowboy tea show compilator vol 3 rocket sound record company CAPTAIN BEEFHEART cover. C
strapping fieldhands lay it down in the pineys 10" siltbreeze
the o-voids record on 7" lost space *
ego summit illogical the room isn't big enough old3C *
verlaines doomsday human music homestead C